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This $500 Valentine’s Day Exclusive Pizza Is The Epitome of Extra

Valentine’s Day is tomorrow and the Hallmark holiday is notorious for influencing restaurants to showcase just how indulgent and extravagant they can get with their meals, all in the name of romance. Realizing that the holiday for lovers is a chance to capitalize, Firenza Pizza decided to take the concept of opulent romantic dinners and create something for all pizza-loving folks out there.

Enter the ‘Golden Surf & Turf Pizza’, a sumptuous pie that features high-end ingredients like a lobster bechamel base, manchego cheese, lobster tails, Wagyu filet mignon, ikura caviar, and a light topping of gold leaf flakes. As expected, this swank lineup of fixings will gut punch your wallet, what with its $500 price tag and all.

But hey, when it comes to bae (especially a pizza-lovin’ one at that), money should be no object right? If you’re sure of this, then treat them to this palatial pie at Firenza Pizza locations on Valentine’s Day.

It’s only available just for V-Day, so make sure to hop on this lavish train quickly.