7-Eleven Is Giving Free Slurpees To Everyone For Just One Day


Who: 7-Eleven

What: The convenience store chain is celebrating their 50th birthday by giving out a free small Slurpee for customers to enjoy. You just have to roll into the designated hours of participation and claim your free drink. New flavors include a Sour Patch Redberry Slurpee and a Fanta Birthday Cake Slurpee.

Where: All participating 7-Eleven

When: July 11 from 11am to 7pm.


Lovely Photo Map Highlights Each State’s Signature Food


Round-ups of foods from around the country are nothing new, but it’s definitely been a while since we’ve seen one as pretty as this.

Inspired by the Olympics and politics, Cooking Channel decided to throw together a “culinary roadmap” of the most iconic foods in each state. Dishes were chosen via votes from Cooking Channel readers and viewers, so blame them if you feel buffalo wings aren’t an accurate representation of New York, or salmon candy of Alaska, or vinegar french fries of Delaware.

Our personal favorite is Nevada, with the Las Vegas All You Can Eat Buffet. Although, vodka would have made a solid runner up.

Check out the full listicle version, complete with recipes and food histories, here.

H/T Design Taxi


This Restaurant Serves a Burger with Bratwurst, Bacon Sauerkraut and a Bacon Pretzel Bun

Biting at the heels of such burger-novation heavyweights as the Sunny Side Up Egg and Donut Burger, the Spiciest Chain Restaurant Burger and the 100% Bacon Patty ‘Merica Burger, the new (and entirely self-named) Wurst Burger from SoCal chain Slater’s 50/50 may seem a little underwhelming. But at least it has bacon in it.

Featuring a 100% German Bratwurst Patty, Swiss cheese, green apple, rendered bacon sauerkraut and original house mustard sauce on a bacon pretzel bun, this Oktoberfest-inspired monstrosity is Slater’s featured burger for the month at $10.95 — (or about $40-45 if you get it with fries and three beers, which you should).

I mean come on, where’s your Oktoberfest spirit?