Original 5 Napkin Burger

Five Napkin Burger is a famous restaurant that started its legacy in Manhattan’s upper west side. Their most famous dish is obvious from the title of their restaurant, the Five Napkin Burger. In fact, their burger has made it into the lime light by receiving its own stage in Hell’s Kitchen! They also have the famous title Best New Burger of 2009 under their belt thanks to Time Out New York: Eat Out Awards. What makes this burger so popular is the 10 oz. fresh ground chuck patty, a pile of caramelized onions, melting gruyere cheese, rosemary aioli all sandwiched between a soft white roll! If the original doesn’t satisfy your taste buds, they have six other speciality 5 Napkin Burgers that will!  Their Ahi Tuna Burger and the Lamb Kofta Burger are on my 2011 New Years resolution list, what’s on yours? (Thx BurgerBusiness)