Visualizing the Disparity of Caffeine, Calories & Sugar in our Favorite Caffeinated Drinks

I don’t like to speak for the rest of the world, but I’m a naive digital food journalist so I will — once I realized my metabolism was beginning to work against me, I began to choose my caffeinated drinks based on the biggest energy-boost-to-lowest-calorie-ratio possible.

Thanks to this new visualization put together by the folks at Rasmussen College and data from the Mayo Clinic and the Journal of the American Dietic Association, we get a pretty interesting view of some key energy drinks on the market and the amount of calories, sugar and caffeine in each. In addition, we see that the average American consumes 200 milligrams of caffeine daily, which, apparently shouldn’t have too adverse an effect on your well being.

According to the graphic, black coffee still acts as one of the best caffeine-to-calorie ratio drinks, offering up 180mg of the white crystalline xanthine alkaloid (yeah, I looked that up to sound smart) to measly 5 calories per serving. 5-Hour Energy seems to come in a close second, offering up 138mg of caffeine per serving with a total of four calories.

Here’s how the rest breaks down:

Infographic by Rasmussen College


Is 5-Hour Energy Working on a 3-Hour Hunger-Fighting Snack Bar?

Its premier product is already a godsend to college students and 9 to 5-ers worldwide, and now Living Essentials LLC, makers of the popular line of 5-Hour Energy shots, is putting its guns behind a new snack bar designed to postpone hunger for up to three hours.

Slated to contain only 95 calories and taste “as good as any candy you’ve ever had,” the new bar in question currently remains nameless, though Manoj Bhargava, CEO of Living Essentials, did reveal the company is planning its launch for sometime in early 2013.

Call it first impressions, but because it is so different from a pure liquid energy shot, I can’t help but wonder how much credit we can really give a snack bar that promises to stave off hunger, but only after you eat it (isn’t that kind of just what eating does?). But hey, if the new “3-Hour Hunger” bar works anywhere near as well as its predecessor, I’ll be gladly proven wrong.



5-Hour Energy Introduces a Pink Lemonade Flavor

In an attempt to appeal to a larger demographic, particularly women, the folks responsible for 5-Hour Energy bottles are launching a new flavor in collaboration with the Avon Foundation for Women.

The new flavor partnership offers a donation of five cents per bottle of Pink Lemonade 5-Hour Energy bottle sold to the organization’s Women Breast Cancer Crusade. Donations from sales will only run from October 1st 2012 and run through the end of the year, December 31, 2012.

The Pink Lemonade flavor joins the growing roster of 5-hour flavors including berry, lemon-lime, orange, grape, and pomegranate. At least the new flavor isn’t as backwards as that terribly ironic 5-Hour Energy ‘Decaf‘ flavor…seriously, what. In. The. World?




What Would Batman Eat? A Look into the Dark Knight’s Daily Diet

It seems that these days, Batman has more than enough on his plate. Between fighting frisky felines and feral fanboys, it must be hard for the guy to fit in a good, solid meal now and again, if he manages to eat at all. Here’s how we at Foodbeast imagine a day-in-the-life of the Bat-Kitchen-Table:

7:00 p.m. — Dinner. Foie-Gras Covered Steak (Raw) with Sauteed Spinach and Whiskey on the Rocks.

‘Cause he a baller.


10 p.m. — Patrolling. Hostess Cupcakes, 5 Hour Energy Shots and Black Licorice.

Because even Batman can use some snacks.


5 a.m. — Bat-Munchies. Protein Powder, KFC Chicken Wings and a Weinerschnitzel Hot Dog.

Because when Batman wants fast food, he’s gonna avoid places with clowns.


8 a.m.-ish — Breakfast. Bat-Toast, Bat-Oatmeal, Plain Greek Yogurt and Black Coffee.

Because sometimes Alfred can be a hopeless sap and gets bored while waiting up for Bruce all night.


Anywhere between 1 and 3 p.m. — Lunch. Dark Berry Mountain Dew and a Nyquil.

Because Dark Berry Mountain Dew tastes like justice, and after a long night of crime-fighting, the Dark Knight needs a nap.


This is What Happens When ‘5-hour Energy’ Employees Get Caught Napping

What happens if you’re an energy drink company and your field marketers get caught napping on the job? That’s the scenario 5-hour Energy is currently facing with the recent emergence of a meme-worthy photo of two of their brand reps passed out in a sticker-wrapped company van.

If it was your company, would you acknowledge the picture, or just pretend it didn’t exist?

I guess when that image starts getting some serious airplay on social networks, that “pretend it doesn’t exist option” doesn’t look as good.

5-hour Energy took a seemingly bold road earlier today. Not only did they acknowledge the faux pas, they’ve turned it into a meme-pulsing caption contest of their own. Through their Facebook page, 5-hour acknowledged the photo and even calls out the meme artists who have been having their way with the photo as not being creative enough with their captions.

Here’s a look at their statement: OK, OK, some marketing representatives got caught taking a nap in a 5-hour ENERGY® vehicle. It’s kind of funny. What isn’t funny are the captions being sent with the photo. You can do better. Beat our caption and win a 5-hour ENERGY® prize pack. Entries will be judged on originality; cleverness and brevity (look it up).

Slick move 5-hour Energy. Slick move, indeed.



BioFuel Caffeinated Popcorn

While the energy drink industry is a bustling one, one of the major drawbacks of their consumption is the inevitable “crash,” shortly after your gifted burst of energy. In the wake of these drawbacks have arisen a host of products meant to solve that problem (see: 5 Hour Energy), offering bursts of energy without the crash.

Not a fan of liquid crack? Care for something a bit more tangible and snack-friendly? That’s where BioFuel Caffeinated Popcorn hopes to fill your gut. The popcorn is made up of sugar, light brown sugar, caffeine, canola oil and salt. The draw on this particular energy item is that you don’t necessarily have to finish all in one sitting, but can be used as a pick-me-up at necessary intervals by popping a few kernels or an entire serving to get the desired effect.

Each 5oz bag contains “as much caffeine as a strong cup of coffee,” and the product description recommends the popcorn for active and/or healthy individuals over the age of 18. Sounds surrrrrrious. ($3.99 @ PerpetualKid)