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Jimmy John’s Just Beat Subway At The $5 Footlong Game

Flash back to late 2018: Subway had just decided to ground nationwide efforts for its famous $5 footlong deal, leaving it up to franchisees to decide whether to keep it or not. This came amidst protests from franchisees who were against the deal returning in the first place and lagging sales. It seemed like the iconic bargain sandwich was finally dead in the water.

Fast forward to today, and a $5 (or less) footlong option is once again back on menus. Not at Subway, however, but at one of its rivals — Jimmy John’s.

Photo courtesy of Jimmy John’s

Their new Frenchie sandwich is everything the $5 Footlong wanted to be at Subway: Convenient, fast, and priced at a bargain. Each Frenchie sandwich is sold as a grab-and-go option, being pre-made with salted butter, capicola, salami, and provolone in a 13-inch French baguette. You can literally be in and out of a location with one of these in less than a minute.

What really makes these Frenchies a deal, though, is the price. Foodbeast independently confirmed with multiple restaurants nationwide that the new baguette is menu-priced at $5 or less everywhere. Prices range from as low as $3.99 (El Paso, Texas) to $5 (in Portland, Houston, and Phoenix).

Sure, they don’t have the customizability Subway’s version of the sandwich had. But if you’re looking for a quick sandwich option at a low price, Jimmy John’s deal stands out in a big way.

You can find the Frenchie at locations nationwide for a limited time.

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Spice up Your Footlong With Jalapeño Cheddar Bread


Subway is spicing up their menu once again, this time with their new Jalapeño Cheddar Bread. After debuting their Fiery Footlong Collection in November the chain is taking the next logical step and adding jalapeño ridden rolls to the menu. For an extra hot lunch why not pair your Jalapeño Cheddar Bread with some creamy Sriracha sauce? Although the bread will only be available for a limited time Subway R&D Baking Specialist Mark Christiano says the bread “has the potential to be added to the permanent menu”

The addition of the new bread coincides with Subway’s “Janu-ANY” promotion which comes a month early in 2014. Any regular footlong will be $5 for the entire month.

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Subway’s Featured $5 Footlong for December: Chipotle Cheddar Chicken


Question: does anyone actually choose their Subway sub based on whatever the featured footlong is, or will you have your Meatball Marinara with Swiss on wheat regardless of the discount, income and salt intake be damned?

This month’s featured sandwich is the Chipotle Cheddar Chicken, which is exactly what it sounds like: grilled chicken, melted cheese and the chain’s Chipotle Southwest sauce. Toss with red onions and bell peppers on toasted flatbread to make everything extra cowboy.

You can also grab the Cold Cut Combo or Meatball Marinara for $2 throughout December for Customer Appreciation Month.

Picthx Subway

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Tuscan Chicken Melt and Spicy Italian are Subway’s Featured Footlongs for October


Copywriters have got to be the smartest people in the world. Have I been to Tuscany? No. Do I even know if Tuscany has good food? No. Frankly, I probably couldn’t even find Tuscany on a map with the help of a cute Italian exchange student. However, am I still convinced Subway’s featured Tuscan Chicken Melt sandwich tastes like sunshine and vineyards and romance?



Previously available as a limited time offering late last year, the Tuscan Chicken Melt is now Subway’s $6 Footlong special for October. Also available as a salad, the TCM features herb-seasoned grilled chicken, topped with your choice of cheese and vinaigrette.


Following along Subway’s newfound Italy-boner is the Spicy Italian sandwich, October’s $5 Footlong, which is stuffed with Genoa salami and pepperoni and available on the chain’s not-contaminated new garlic bread.

Bonus points: at least we won’t have to worry about vampires this Halloween.

There’s also a featured Chicken Cordon Bleu Melt, but that one doesn’t have a pricing special and won’t ward off legions of the undead, sadly.

PicThx Subway

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Subway to Roll Out Garlic Bread, Make All Locations Nationwide Smell Even Funkier


We have seen the future, and its name is Allium sativum – but you can just call it “garlic.”

Starting September 1, Subway will launch new Garlic Bread for a limited time at all Subway locations nationwide. Per usual, the GB will be baked fresh daily, fortified with Calcium and Vitamin D and probably skew the bread-to-meat ratio highly in bread’s favor, but hey, at least it’ll taste like Italy. Or, you know, at least like Olive Garden.

“We love to treat our customers to new versatile flavors that complement the submarine sandwiches on our menu, hot or cold,” Tricia Hetherington, Director of R&D for Subway, said in a press release. “The mouth-watering garlic flavor profile serves as the perfect pairing to any of our sandwiches, especially the hearty Spicy Italian, Meatball Marinara or Italian B.M.T. Footlong.”

We’ll be sure to test it out ourselves as soon as we can, but in the meantime, let’s just assume 1) it’ll probably taste better than any of the cardboard-y carbs they have available now and 2) you’ll soon be able to find the nearest Subway in your city just by following your nose. Because buddy if you didn’t think it smelled dank before, it’s about to smell DANK, even if you’re not into that.

Subway’s also bringing back its $5 any regular Footlongs (of which there’s 22, just FYI) throughout the month of September (“SUB-tember”). But yeah, the smell. Let’s all just brace ourselves for the smell, because whooo boy.

PicThx Subway


Subway Introduces New $6 Footlong, Makes Its Slogan Infinitely Less Catchy


For reasons that have yet to be seen (the economy, global warming, Tuesday), Subway isn’t doing its whole Featured $5 Footlong thing this month, instead trading up for a significantly less slogan-friendly “$6 Footlong Special” – possibly from now until forever but for sure at least until the end of August.

They are keeping the $4 Lunch deal and $3 Custom Breakfast Combos though – (“6 inch sub + 21 ounce soda for $4” and “breakfast sub + coffee or soda for $3,” respectively). And the regular $5 Footlongs (which include the Black Forest Ham, BLT, Cold Cut, Veggie Delite and Egg & Cheese) will continue to be the regular $5 Footlongs.

Finally, in much less interesting news (since, considering the new “deal” is close enough to the price of Subway’s more premium subs anyway that you might as well A) forgo it entirely and B) get something you actually want), the infamous “$6 Footlong Special” this month is the Buffalo Chicken with buffalo sauce and ranch dressing.

And that was your $5 Foodbeast Footlong Feature $6 Soodbeast Sootlong Seature.

PicThx Subway


Western Egg & Cheese is Subway’s $5 Footlong for July


For the past few months, Subway has had a serious poultry boner for its Oven Roasted Chicken sandwich, serious enough to feature it as its $3 Six-Inch Select Sub for three months in a row, and then again as its $5 Footlong the month after that. But it seems the ORC’s reign of terror is finally over, since the newest $5 Footlong for the month of July is none other than the chicken-free Western Egg & Cheese.

Toasted with Black Forest Ham, peppers, onions and melted cheese on flatbread, the Western Egg & Cheese looked promising enough for me to venture down the street to Subway to try it out myself. Luckily, unlike most of Subway’s breads, the flatbread can usually be toasted without drying out the entire sandwich. Unluckily, my sub “artist” also asked me to choose my meat instead of giving me the ham de facto, so I opted for the roast beef which ended up costing $10. Seriously Subway, you give people too many options. Who’s going to remember what meat is supposed end up where, especially when it’s not spelled out in the sub’s title? Can’t you just tell me what things taste good (and aren’t too expensive) together and stop asking me to think for myself? Kay, thanks.

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Subway Thinks We Haven’t Had Enough of the Oven Roasted Chicken, Features it as June’s $5 Footlong


Last month it was the $3 Six-Inch Select sub. The month before that? Also the $3 Six-Inch Select sub (it was March’s, too).

But it seems all the Oven Roasted Chicken love still isn’t over, as Subway has just revealed its favorite poultry dish as this month’s featured $5 Footlong. The sub boasts only 320 calories and features the eponymous oven-roasted chicken and spinach plus your choice of bread and fixings.

Now there’s nothing wrong with this per se, except that with the ORC moving up in the world, there’s no new $3 Six-Inch to take its place. I just wish we could finally have a $5 Footlong worth being excited about (Chipotle Steak and Cheese with Avocado, I’m totally looking at you).

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