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Subway’s 5 Dollar Footlong Returns Next Year, But Franchisees Are Protesting It

In an increasingly competitive and resurgent value menu market, Subway, one of the champions of cheapness in the past, has yet to officially announce any deals of their own. However, the New York Post has learned that Subway is planning to bring back their $5 Footlong, much to the chagrin of several franchisees.

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According to a memo obtained by the New York Post, Subway is concerned that it’s no longer seen as a bargain compared to main rival McDonald’s, who recently unveiled their own dollar menu reboot. The footlong deal is meant to help correct that issue, but as the five dollar footlong returns to stores next year, franchisees are protesting.

Over 400 have already signed a petition against the bargain sandwich promotion, which is a two-month limited time offer that will begin in January. Franchise owners are concerned that bringing back such cheap opportunities will shave even more off of their miniscule profit margins.

To attempt to sway them, Subway has been holding regional town hall meetings in attempts to convince franchisees that the five dollar footlong will help increase, not decrease, overall profits for their businesses.

A Subway spokesperson declined to comment on the memo or petition, but told the New York Post that most franchisees support the return of the $5 footlong.

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Customer Appreciation Month at Subway Means $2 Subs For Everyone


Starting tomorrow Subway is officially kicking off its traditional Customer Appreciation Month. For the entire month of December the sandwich chain is thanking their customers by offering 6-inch Cold Cut Combo or Meatball Marinara sandwiches for only $2. Simple math aside, this means that a footlong is only 4 bucks, but you’ll probably have to order it as two 6-inch sammies.

The chain typically offers an “all day value” menu featuring 4-6 sandwiches as their everyday $5 footlongs with an additional sandwich that is usually featured as the $5 sub of the month.

Along with these Customer Appreciation Month deals December also adds the Chipotle Chicken & Cheese as the $5 Featured Footlong for the month.

As always the fine print suggests that there are additional charges for extras such as avocado or bacon, basically things that make your sandwich much more delicious.

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Buffalo Chicken Sandwich – Subway’s Featured $5 Footlong for August

Waiting on Subway‘s monthly featured $5 footlong is becoming a game we thoroughly enjoy. While July saw the temporary addition of the chain’s Italian B.M.T. sandwich to the $5 list, the month of August will get a chicken sub — The Buffalo Chicken Sandwich. The sandwich’s nutritional stock makeup contains 840 calories, 30 grams of fat and 50 grams of protein. The sandwich will be available at the $5 price first of August and will run the course of the month!

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Subway: Anaheim (Harbor)

My friend Jackie and I met up with our boy Matt at Subway on Harbor, after a trip to the Land of Disney. I’ve been hooked on their meatball marinara sub for weeks now, so much that I talked Jackie into getting one to. Matt went with the sweet onion teriyaki, which is also always a solid choice. He’s just more of a meathead so he has to watch those carbs. Anyway feel the power of the sub after the jump.

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RUMOR MILL: All Subway Footlongs Back to $5

I think I’m going to try and keep what I post to this new ‘RUMOR MILL’ feature to nothing more than once a month. Anyways, I’ve received several e-mails and excited people that are under the impression that Subway restaurants across the nation will be reverting ALL their subs to the infamous $5 price point, reminiscent of the madness that happened last year when this happened. The expected date is on 2/9/09, which is only 4 odd days away! Many have said that they called into their local restaurants and received confirmation, but we are waiting on official written word, and we will solidify this information as soon as it becomes available to us. Pending the confirmation of this news, I’m sure there will be limitations on the double-stack, avocado, etc. All giddyness aside, if I can get my Sweet Onion Chicken Teriyaki for $5, I will be ecstatic. I guess time will tell. Eat on!