Baking an Apple Pie With Hannah Hart of “My Drunk Kitchen”

There are some great cooking shows on YouTube, and without being biased towards the online medium, they do indeed give traditional television cooking shows a run for their money. Let’s cut to Hannah Hart, host of her own YouTube cooking show “My Drunk Kitchen.” The premise? She sets up a stationary camera view of her kitchen, gets a few drinks going, and let’s rip on a recipe. This week she does her best trying to piece together an Apple Pie in celebration of America’s Independence Day.

Cute and charismatic. It’s almost become the running tagline/question for men discussing this young woman’s show — Marry Me Hannah?


The County Line BBQ (San Antonio, Texas)

The fourth of July brings about two things: fireworks and barbeque. I sorta skipped all the alcohol involved too for this holiday…but that’s for another post. So while in Texas, I of course had to hit up a BBQ joint and what’s a better time to talk about it than today right? Garlic mash potatoes, corn on the cob, smoked sausage, dry ribs, baby back ribs, brisket, and pork tenderloin completed my taste of good ol’ BBQ. And it was damn good too.


Craving: 4th of July Barbecue


Happy 4th of July! Celebrate it with some good old fashion barbecue! Grill up some Cajun chicken and a Porterhouse fillet with some veggies and you got yourself a feast! O yeah, and don’t forget the bacon! (PicThx NicnBill)