It’s a Deep-Fried Bacon Cheeseburger, because ‘MURRICA


Since we’re ringing in our country’s birthday this week, there’s really no better way to celebrate than by feasting on some delicious eats. And since deep frying makes everything better (See: mac and cheese burger bun and cookie dough balls), it’s about time someone took the liberty to create the most patriotic dish we’ve ever come across — a deep fried bacon cheeseburger with a side of clogged arteries.

First off, Nick over at Dude Foods rules. Remember those bacon nachos of insanity? That ain’t got nothin’ on this greasy mound of deliciousness. It’s a bacon cheeseburger + all the fixings in a beautiful orb of fried dough. Yez plz.


So be the brave soul this 4th, and impress the hell out of your friends with this nugget of perfection. And make some for us.

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Celebrating Fourth of July: Expectations vs. Reality


Independence Day in America is one of those rare holidays that doesn’t seem to exist just to make people buy things. Sure, you’ve got all the fireworks kiosks. And yes, they don’t just give away all that patriotic tablewear and those hot dogs and grilling utensils for free. But mostly it’s about eating well, sitting back and enjoying each other’s company. Except when it’s about burning in the summer sun. Or suffering from food poisoning. Or being too hungover to work because this stupid holiday just had to fall on a weekday.

Ah well, at least we have the freedom to gripe about it together. ‘MURICA.


Expectation: Throwing a cool, outdoor barbecue in the shade


Picthx: Pinterest

Reality: Just stepping outside feels like burning

Alternative: Having it at the beach and being gloomy as f@#k


Expectation: Having time to make lots of cute, USA-themed snacks

Picthx: Apollinas

Reality: Barely having enough time to buy groceries


Expectation: Enjoying a nice, stress-free potluck with friends and family


Picthx: Chella’s Common Cents

Reality: No one brings anything but booze and utensils, forcing you to whip up something last minute


Expectation: Sticking to your summer diet

Reality: Parking your butt at the dessert table


Expectation: Lighting the grill on the first try



Expectation: Finally getting to nom on all the delicious grilled grub

Reality: Waiting. Lots of waiting. Probably some food poisoning when you get tired of waiting.


Expectation: Washing everything down with a sweet, cool, delicious ice cream

Reality: Staring at a great big puddle of melted cow tears


Expectation: It’s a classy summer party, time to break out the sparkling whites and rosés‎!

Reality: PBR for days


Expectation: Toasting the perfect s’more

Reality: Ending up with a pile of burnt messy goop


Can you even call those s’mores anymore?

Picthx: Chocolate Moosey


Expectations: Kicking off the night with beautiful fireworks

Reality: Too cloudy to see ANYTHING


Expectations: Being totally able to function at work tomorrow



Expectations: Spending the day filled with the love of your country



Happy 4th of July everybody!

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23 Sparkling Pop Rocks Recipes to Liven Up Your Fourth of July

A recent story in Gizmodo detailed the strange origins of several popular American junk foods, including the happy accidents we now affectionately call Pop Rocks. Apparently in the ‘50s, famed food chemist William Mitchell had attempted to create a carbonated drink powder when some fell in his mouth and “exploded” upon meeting his saliva. Two decades and a bit of marketing wizardry later (since no one really knew how to sell “exploding candy” to kids), Pop Rocks finally hit the shelves in 1976 as a gag gift, paving the way for future generations to messily lick our sticky fizzing fingers and experience the visceral joy of feeling things go “pop” in our mouths. (Just take it from this baby.)

This Fourth of July, why not relive some of that childhood wonder you felt the first time you saw fireworks by whipping up one of these Pop Rocks-inspired recipes? Face it, Independence Day was so much more fun as a kid. Luckily Pop Rocks taste just like that.


Layered Patriotic Punch


Science says that liquids with higher sugar contents will sit beneath those with lower, so grab some diet Sierra Mist, low calorie Gatorade and Hawaiian Punch to whip up a batch of this refreshing spangly drink.

Recipe: Our Best Bites


Mini-Strawberry Shortcake Poppers


Bite sized snacks are the perfect party fodder to begin with, but with a special surprise twist, popping these in our mouths suddenly became a lot more fun.

Recipe: Snappy Gourmet


Firecracker Bark


For those who don’t remember, the blue raspberry flavored Pop Rocks were actually more of a green color, so this recipe calls for some dyeing, but don’t worry: the dye won’t make the rocks pop prematurely. At least not too much.

Recipe: Not Your Momma’s Cookie


Acid Pops


Inspired by Harry Potter, these sour, honey and Pop Rocks-coated lollipops are a definite surprise, but also won’t burn any holes in your tongue.

Recipe: A Pastry Affair


Sparkling Strawberry Lemonade


Most summer drinks can feel too sweet or flat, but after a healthy dose of club soda and pop rocks, you’ll never want to go back to boring old strawberry lemonade again.

Recipe: Gimme Some Oven


Apple Crumble


Another sweet staple transformed by mixing in strawberry Pop Rocks into the crunchy crumble topping.

Recipe: Raspberri Cupcakes


Patriotic Strawberries


Admittedly, the blue featured here is just regular old sprinkles, but several other recipes (with unfortunately less pretty pictures) swap out the sugar crystals with Pop Rocks.

Recipe: Our Best Bites


Pop-Star Cookie Pops


Get it? Puns aside, these adorable cookie pops are a lot simpler than they look. Just sandwich a bit of vanilla icing between two star cut-out sugar cookies and print out the label templates. Get on with your bad Pinterest-y self.

Recipe: The Decorated Cookie


The Sparkler


Blueberry vodka, grenadine and lemon lime soda make this bubbly grown-up drink perfect for entertaining.

Recipe: BB A La Carte


Pop Rocks Brownie Bites


This nifty hack pairs blue sprinkles with red Pop Rocks on top of store-bought miniature brownie bites. A quick fix and an easy way to give your kids (or yourself) something to do with your hands.

Recipe: Recipe Girl


Chocolate Pop Rock Potato Chips


Bear with us, this combination might sound crazy, but salt and chocolate are always good together and the pop from the candy just helps accentuate the crunch of the chips.

Recipe: Lisa Trifiro


Strawberry Ice Cream with White Chocolate Coated Pop Rocks


There’s little that doesn’t go with ice cream, so why not put Pop Rocks in it? More importantly, why haven’t you yet?

Recipe: Kitchn


Exploding Banana Split Ice Cream


Quite possibly the most exciting thing on this list, this recipe combines all the great flavors of banana splits, from the peanut flavored ice cream cone to the banana ice cream to the chocolate-covered pop rocks. BOOM.

Recipe: Breaking Bread Blog


Chocolate Pop Rocks Rice Krispies Treats


The thing about Rice Krispies treats is that they only really pop in milk, but with the help of some unflavored “Pastry Rocks”, you can have a popping party in your mouth any time. And you can do it sober.

Recipe: Cupcake Project


Firecracker Cookies


Lots of sugar here, but with a plainer cookie, the sweetness from the frosting and Pop Rocks won’t be too overbearing.

Recipe: Like Mother, Like Daughter


Watermelon Poptini


Summer’s heat and everyone’s dieting make watermelons the unequivocal queens of the season, so why not freshen up with some watermelon vodka?

Recipe: Snappy Gourmet


Pop Rocks Truffles


If you’re looking for something a little less fruity, Pop Rocks truffles are perfect — but be warned: This recipe is not for anyone who doesn’t like to smile. Once you take a bite, you can’t help it.

Recipe: Love and Olive Oil


4th of July Ice Cream Sandwiches, Complete with Fireworks


A quicker alternative could be just to coat your regular ice cream sandwiches with Pop Rocks, but where’s the fun (and the ‘MURICA) in that?

Recipe: Apollinas


Champagne Jello Shots with Pop Rocks


Another tricky sugar crystal – Pop Rocks substitute, but champagne jello shots are the perfect way to bring the festivity of the New Year into summer. Bubbles, bubbles everywhere!

Recipe: 3 City Girls NYC


Pop Rocks Mousse


Even though this looks a little too twee for our tastes, it was also way too cute for us not to include it. Mousse is made with white chocolate, sugar and egg whites. Bows and mason jars optional.

Recipe: 1 Fine Cookie


Pop Rocks Ice Cream Float


Are you a fan of simple desserts? Perfect, because all you need to do for this one is know how to pour. It’d be almost impossible to mess this one up, but we’d also love to see you try.

Recipe: Liv Life Too


Firecracker Cakelettes


Be careful doing this with kids because you wouldn’t want them confusing these cakelettes with the actual fireworks or vice versa. But if your drunken friends get a hold of them, you can’t say you didn’t warn them.

Recipe: She Knows


Poppin’ Patriotic Marshmallow Pops


“An edible fireworks show,” the only thing that would make this treat better would be melting it between two graham crackers and chocolate. Mmm, Pop Rocks s’mores.

Recipe: A Farmgirl’s Drabbles


H/T Tasteologie, Tastespotting, Relish


Slater’s 50/50 Offers 100% Bacon Burger because that’s How ‘Murica Celebrates Independence Day


 Slater’s 50/50 is doing it right by rolling out their famed 100% Bacon ‘Merica Burger in celebration of the 4th of July. The limited-time item made it’s debut last year and thanks to its popularity among pork fiends, the Southern California-based chain is bringing it back for another run.

The literal bacon on bacon on bacon burger features a 100% ground bacon patty layered with bacon cheddar cheese, thick strips of bacon, bacon island dressing and a runny sunny side up egg to glue it all together. This year, the specialty item will be served on a bacon pretzel bun made using rendered bacon fat instead of butter and featuring bits of bacon rolled into the dough. You know, in case there wasn’t enough bacon goodness already.

The 100% bacon patty is available at all Slater’s 50/50 locations during the month of July.  If you’re still trying to figure out what to do for the 4th, well, here you go.

Fast Food

Denny’s Serves Up Red, White & Blue Breakfast Specials


As Memorial Day and the Fourth of July approach, Denny’s spruces up their breakfast menu with the red, white and blue. The limited-time “Red, White, and Blue Plate Specials” include classic menu items given a patriotic color boost.

The Red, White and Blue Pancakes Breakfast features blueberry buttermilk pancakes topped with sliced strawberries, a drizzle of cream cheese icing and whip cream, or you can opt for the Apple Pie French Toast — both served with two eggs and your choice of two sausage links or bacon strips.

If you still have room for dessert (hint: you always have room for dessert), you can follow it up with one of their new Red, White and Blue Milk Shakes made with vanilla ice cream. The shakes are available in a variety of flavors, including Strawberry CheesecakeLemon Icebox Pie and Blueberry Cheesecake. Also available are their  Red White and Blue Pancake Puppies, six bite-sized pancake balls made with strawberry, blueberry and white chocolate chips sprinkled with powdered sugar. Oh, and a side of cream cheese icing because cream cheese icing.


At this point you should be properly stuffed with enough summer holiday fervor to last you ’til next year.


4 Drinks That Can Turn Your Independence Day Party Into a Sh*t Show, Real Fast

Wooo! America! Time to pound some more alcohol! Give me another shot! Let’s drop a deuce on your neighbor’s back porch!

Admit it. You’ve heard some variation of the above, and as much as you hate to agree with it, it’s true. You’re at a really awesome 4th of July barbecue (maybe even your own), and things get really bad, really fast.

This post is dedicated to four drinks that are guaranteed to ruin your entire day, either by means of drinking way too much, or because of serious 3rd degree burns from a BBQ grill that floats on water.

Without further ado, I present the fantastic four game-enders at any party:

1. Four Loko’s New Coconut, Peach and Strawberry Lemonade Flavors

Just recently, Four Loko released three brand new flavors. And even more recently, some idiot (maybe you) decides to bring Four Loko to a party because, “Hey, what better way to get drunk on Independence Day than with a can of Four Loko?”

Wrong. You know the drill, you and your buddies start off sipping one can, even though you all think it tastes utterly disgusting. Then, you drink another because of how drunk you’re starting to feel, and then you trick another unassuming friend into having some. Although there may be no caffeine or stimulants since the man cracked down on the drink’s ingredients, things can go south pretty fast with just one or two of these. Or eight.

2. Lime-A-Rita — Bud Light’s Take on Margarita

As gross as it may seem, I’ve heard first hand reports that Bud Light’s Lime-A-Rita doesn’t taste that bad. And that, my friends, is another reason why this drink could be a party ender this Fourth of July.

In case you’re wondering what it is (or can’t tell from the photo), the Lime-A-Rita is Bud Light’s take on infusing the flavors of an ‘authentic margarita with a refreshing splash of Bud Light Lime.’

Since the drink doesn’t taste too bad, you’ve got everyone from your 22-year-old brother to your 82-year-old grandma to shotgunning these cans. But! (A big but, here) Since the drink resembles a beer taste and is carbonated, there’s a big chance drinkers will feel sick way before they feel drunk.

3. Kahlua Introduces Cans-To-Go

Kahlua tastes good. Kahlua also contains alcohol. When you put the delicious taste of Kahlua into a handheld can, casual, not-so-hardcore drinkers can get drunk pretty fast after they’ve realized how many cans they’ve gone through. Kudos to you, Kahlua, you’ve created a little monster. Kudos.

4. Really, Really Delicious Marshmallow and Whipped Cream-flavored Vodka

Knowing this from first hand reports in the office, SMIRNOFF Whipped Cream and Fluffed Marshmallow Flavored Vodka is delicious. Dangerously delicious, almost. The vodka tastes like a liquid cupcake, if you may. Even with the strongest taste buds, finding the taste of alcohol in this line of vodka is what deems it so deliciously evil.

Not too far back, we even dedicated a video that showcases a night out on the town with some of the FOODBEAST staff, with a little bit of SMIRNOFF pre-gaming action. See for yourselves just what I mean by dangerously evil and delicious:


On a final note, we at FOODBEAST want to make sure you’re all drinking safely and responsibly. Be careful if you’re driving on the Fourth of July, and be sure to have a designated driver if you decide to go out and drink.

Happy Independence Day, everybody!


Entire Tray of Veggies Covered in Chocolate, Because This is America

This is the perfect Independence — or any other — Day recipe for those of you who can’t decide whether you want to make an appetizer or dessert to take to that blazingly-hot cook out.

It’s a desstizer. It’s an appessert. It’s a chocolate-covered veggie tray! Significantly easier than the labor-intensive cake balls that you were considering, but also significantly less of a cop out than that bag of chips you had your eye on.

The variety of veggie is up to you and your local grocer. I snagged a pre-made tray (no shame in my game) because not only did it have veggies, it had cheese and bits of meat too. Deluxe!

Chocolate-Covered Veggie Tray


  • Pre-made veggie tray, or an assortment of vegetables (e.g., carrots, broccoli, peppers, cauliflower, cherry tomatoes)
  • Bits of cheese and meat (optional)
  • Chocolate and white baking bark
  • Ranch dressing (not optional!)


  1. Coat your assortment of veggies (and meats and cheese if you want to roll hard like that) with the chocolate of your choice.
  2. Let chill and display in a pretty way.

A few pointers: Don’t use celery. I actually tossed the celery from my tray and added in sliced peppers instead. Cheese = white chocolate. Meat = chocolate. Veggies = why not do a mix?

And yes, I highly recommend dipping all of your chocolate-covered treats in Ranch dressing. Why? Because you can. God. Bless. America.


Fourth of July Weekend — Burger King to Offer Original Chicken Sandwich for $1.04 [DEAL]

On Friday, June 29, Saturday, June 30 and Sunday, July 1, participating Burger King locations will be selling the Original Chicken Sandwich for $1.04 each.

In a full-fledged attack on the summer food game, Burger King first made waves by announcing its new Summer BBQ Menu, now they will be kicking off 4th of July festivities with this chicken sandwich special.

The suggested retail price of an Original Chicken Sandwich is $4.49, so at $1.04, one can celebrate America’s independence with some crispy, breaded sandwich goodness.

Burger King ran this special last year during Fourth of July weekend and the customer response led them to bring it back again.

Any add-ons such as bacon, cheese or tomatoes can be added for 50 cents to $1.00 extra.

It’s a way of celebrating early before kicking off the fun-filled fireworks and barbecuing.

[Thx Restaurant News]