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4th Of July Video Captures Food And Fireworks Exploding In Beautiful Slow-Motion

July 4th is nearly upon us and, while it’s locked in the middle of the workweek, it doesn’t mean we can’t get weird and fun with the national holiday.

You may remember director David Ma from his many food series such as Superhero Hands and Jeff’s Table.

As a tribute to Independence Day, the director celebrates July 4th in what he feels is the most “AMERICA way possible” — combining food and fireworks.

Watch as traditional 4th of July picnic foods like hot dogs, watermelon, and Jell-O explode to the National Anthem.

Ma told Foodbeast:

“This was a personal project and ode to my favorite 4th of July foods with fireworks I was never allowed to play with as a kid.”

The director revealed that the foods chosen were not only iconic to Independence Day picnics, but items that would also yield to beautiful explosions in slow motion.

“I had a small but brilliant team who made all this happen. Brett Long was our food stylist who worked in tandem with Mike Quattrocchi (our fireworks technician) to attach M80 and mortar fireworks to watermelons, potato salad, Jell-O molds and hot dogs for precision in our blasts. For the set decoration and propping, Chuck Willis and Melissa Stammer brought to life my vision for the tabletops, which was a kitschy Americana ’80s feel.”

Remember kids, DO NOT try this at home. As this behind-the-scenes pic shows, the explosions were very real.


8 All-American Liquors To Help You Proudly Celebrate The 4th Of July

With the Fourth of July just around the corner, Americans from coast to coast are preparing for the extended holiday weekend with two essentials: patriotism and a whole lot of alcohol.
We thought it might serve us all well if we combined the two! If you’re going to be drinking this Fourth of July (and if you don’t think you will be, you’re lying to yourself) then you might as well be drinking something that came right from good old ‘Merica.
So we took the liberty of compiling the ultimate patriotic alcohol shopping list, with All-American-made liquors, for whatever your poison might be.

WHITE WINE: Pine & Post, Washington

Located in the Cascade Mountains of Washington, this Seattle-area winery called Pine & Post makes some of the most acclaimed wine on the West coast… and let’s not forget that’s where California, the wine capital of America, is located. So that is seriously saying something.
Pine & Post boasts a particularly delicious Chardonnay, which has lovely aromas of peach, nectarine, baked apple, and pineapple. Have you ever heard of a crisp white wine more perfect for Fourth of July than that?

RED WINE: Iter, California

Iter 3
Voted the best red wine of 2015, Iter Cabernet is a medium-bodied wine that is bursting with summer flavors like blackberry, currants, black cherry, and cocoa. The winery, also named Iter, is located in Napa, California (like nobody saw that coming) and has been praised as one of the best in the country.
If you’re a red wine fan, don’t let this beer-drinkers holiday get you down — you can still be classy AF while celebrating America’s birthday.

WHISKEY: Stranahan’s, Colorado

Stranahan Whiskey
Whiskey fans will love Stranahan’s Colorado Whiskey, a cult-favorite out of Denver, Colorado. Their single malt is made in small batches using only Colorado grain and Rocky Mountain water, which fans say makes each batch just a little different than the last. This uniqueness has garnered Stranahan’s millions of fans nationwide, hopefully including you, after this weekend.

RUM: Thomas Tew, Rhode Island

Thomas Tew Rum
Named after the pirate who discovered the infamous “Pirate Round” sailing route out of Atlantic ports like Rhode Island and Bermuda, Thomas Tew Rum is as legendary as its namesake. The Newport Distilling Company in Newport, Rhode Island was founded in 2006 and released its first Thomas Tew Single Barrel rum in 2008.
Since then, the black molasses rum has become extremely popular — fans love the tones of smokey oak, vanilla, and caramel in each sip. If you’re looking for some brash, all-American flavor to celebrate with this holiday weekend, you can’t go wrong with Thomas Tew.

VODKA: Rain, Illinois

Rain Vodka
A super-premium vodka, RAIN is made from corn grown on Fizzle Flat Farms in Yale, Illinois, smack dab in the middle of America’s Heartland. RAIN advocates love that Fizzle Flat is one of the few farms growing organic grain in the United States, and we think that’s pretty cool, too.
To achieve the best smoothness, RAIN undergoes a rigorous production process, including quadruple distillation. Translation: a few shots of this and you’ll have the whole barbecue chanting “U.S.A.! U.S.A.!”

PALE ALE: Hill Farmstead, Vermont

Abner Pale
In Greensboro Bend, Vermont, there is a brewery called Hill Farmstead that has gotten a name for itself as one of the best breweries on the East coast. The little brewery may be off the beaten path, but it makes damn amazing beer.
As a part of the breweries’ Ancestral series, Hill Farmstead released a pale ale called Abner, named after the founder’s great grandfather. The pale ale was made from water drawn out of Abner’s own well at his old Vermont home. We would like to commend Abner and his water for making this stupendous pale.

STOUT: Founders KBS, Michigan

Founders-KBS 2

In Grand Rapids, Michigan, the release of Founders Kentucky Breakfast Stout (or KBS) was literally a week-long celebration. This dark beer has been aged in oak bourbon barrels before being bottled and sold to fortunate Americans like yourself.

But the real magic happens when you take the name too literally. It is a holiday, after all. You could start at breakfast if you wanted to. No judgement here.

IPA: Tree House Brewing Company’s Julius, Massachusetts

Tree House Julius

The Tree House Brewing Company in Monson, MA is like the stuff of myths. It’s legendary IPA, Julius, will come and go so fast, you won’t even know what hit you. Thursday through Saturday, you have a chance to stand in line to buy a bottle of Julius yourself — but they only sell to the first 350 people. You read that right. 350 PEOPLE.

I have stood in this line before and it is brutal, but the refreshing tastes of passionfruit, mango, and citrus in this IPA were 100% worth it. It is by far the best IPA I’ve ever tasted. If you’re an East Coaster, a visit to Tree House is must.

Support American breweries, distilleries, and wineries this Fourth of July by choosing some of these top notch, American-made alcohols! Since you’re going to get drunk either way, you might as well do it patriotically, right?


Hungry Howie’s Is Selling 4-Cent Large Pizzas For 4th Of July


Who: Hungry Howie’s Pizza

What: As part of their 4th of July promotion, any customer who buys a large pizza with at least one topping will be able to buy a second large one-topping pizza for 4 cents. Get it?

Where: Any of the 600 Hungry Howie’s locations in the United States

When: July 4, 2016.



Man Chokes on Weiner and Dies


When you think of dangerous sports, you probably don’t think of hot dog eating contests, but a contestant in a 4th of July amateur hot dog eating contest in South Dakota died mid-contest.

Walter Eagle Tail, 47, was one of six contestants in the contest last Thursday, and began choking while participating. The man had CPR administered on him, but to no avail, as he was soon after taken to Custer Regional Hospital and pronounced dead.

Custer County Sheriffs said Eagle Tail had a hot dog lodged in his throat and despite the attempts to save him, he suffocated to death within minutes.

The  festivities were sponsored by the Custer Chamber of Commerce and organizers canceled the pie eating contest that was scheduled the next day. No one has been hurt at their prior events, but it is possible that they make changes to the events next year.

H/T Rapid City Journal


This is how to make Independence Punch


Recipe via Big Bear’s Wife


14 Awful British Foods That Make Us Proud to Be American


This holiday, it’s easy to get caught up in the frills. Fireworks, grilling, the old red, white, and blue. But let’s not forget the true reason for the season, celebrating our liberation from our staunch, haggis-eating, tea-drinking forefathers. Think about it. If we hadn’t told GB to buzz off, we may have never created the Double Down. Girl Scout Cookies would only be eaten at tea time. French fries would be called chips and chips would be called crisps. Crisps!

So, this Independence Day, remember there’s plenty reason to revel in our independence, especially the fact that we didn’t get stuck eating that awful soggy grey stuff they call “food” on the other side of the pond. Sure Britain’s got its cool accents and nifty TV shows, but we’ll take a deep-fried twinkie over this mess any day:


1. Stargazey Pie


Pastry pie topped with fish heads


2. Jellied Eels


Like unagi, only gross


3. Haggis


A pudding thing made from sheep heart, liver, and lungs


4. Black Pudding


A pudding sausage thing made from pig’s blood


5. Baby Gaga Ice Cream


Warning: Made from human breast milk

PicThx Mother Nature Network 


6. Spotted Dick


Another pudding thing made with raisins; thankfully not diseased genitalia


7. Laverbread


Seaweed thing?

PicThx Neil Cooks Grigson


8. Sussex Pond Pudding


A boiled cake with a whole lemon inside. Why is it boiled?


9. Turkey Twizzlers


What looks like Britain’s version of Slim Jims, only a million times more frightening


10. Marmite


Yeast extract-based salty poop sauce


11. Bubble and Squeak


Medley of last night’s leftover cabbage


12. Pork Faggots

porkfaggot copy

Unfortunately named offal meatballs

PicThx Lily In Canada


13. Flies Graveyard


Giant raisin newtons


14. Mushy Peas


Not gross necessarily. Still sad looking though.


Happy 4th of July everybody!

(CORRECTION 7/3/14: A previous version of this article listed Pickled Eggs as a British food. They are British in origin, but can also be found worldwide.)


The All-Bacon Bun Burger Will Give You a Meat Hangover

all bacon bun burger

Recipe: Clint Cantwell


The Most Patriotic Beers in America


It’s no secret that America adores their beer in the same way that they adore their firstborn child. A cold, crisp brew is the blood, sweat and tears of this country, or something like that. Either way, check out this list of “quintessentially American brews” by the folks over at Thrillist. Here are our personal picks from their whopping list of 50. Take a gander below.


Ol’ Glory


Not many beers go so far as to say they’re brewed with patriotism. Or include the Pledge of Allegiance on their packaging. Or… well, just look at their website. Just don’t buy their robot insurance.


Budweiser, Anheuser-Busch


Okay, so yes, Budweiser is totally no longer American-owned, but that’s capitalism, right? And capitalism is American, is it not? And, I mean, look at the American flag cases in the shape of a tank!


Lone Star


Sure, it’s the self-proclaimed “National Beer of Texas”, and sure, Texas makes occasional noise about seceding, but for now you’re part of us, Texans, along with your cheap beer of choice.


American Patriot Beer


This brew was conceived in St. Louis in response to a certain previously mentioned brewery being sold to foreign overlords. Capitalism may be patriotic, but so is starting a protest brewery. There’s room for everyone!


Homefront IPA


This special release IPA is a collaborative effort between numerous breweries (this is Cigar City’s label from last year), with proceeds benefitting military families. Oh, and it’s also aged on Louisville Slugger baseball bats.


Brew Free! Or Die IPA, 21st Amendment


This San Francisco crew is definitely no stranger to American-themed brews, but it’s hard to argue with their Mount Rushmore-flashing, liberty-touting flagship IPA.


Founding Father’s Lager


This is another brew whose sale benefits military charities and, well, I mean, look at the label.



Pabst Blue Ribbon



Shortened to PBR by… pretty much everyone, its present association with hipsterdom to the point of cliche obscures the fact that it either won a blue ribbon at the 1893 World’s Columbian Exposition, or lied and said it did for marketing purposes. Either way — industrious!


American Beer, Pittsburgh Brewing Company


This looks like the beer Captain America would drink after a hard day of crime-fighting. Did Captain America drink? He probably didn’t. I am not that well-versed in comic books. Either way, this seems like a good fit for him.


American Amber Ale, Rogue Brewing Company


Sometimes it’s just as simple as an impeccable blend of hops and malt and some quintessentially American label art, as it is with this longtime favorite from the prolific Oregon brewers.


Head over here to peek the rest of the 50 Most Patriotic Beers in America!

H/T + PicThx Thrillist