This 3D Food Laser Is The T-1000 Of Nutrition Scanners


As the push for nan0technology increases, we can see a steady increase in gizmos and gadgets being invented, with seemingly endless concepts coming to fruition.

The electrical engineers at the University of Washington have unveiled a crowdfunding campaign for the NutriRay3D, a laser-guided mapping technology that works as a 3D scanner. When used, the device can more precisely estimate the nutritional information and calories on any given plate of food.

This might be the future for the calorie counters everywhere.

While it might look like something out of The Terminator series, the NutriRay3D is actually a very unique concept. The technology uses after market adapters to fit onto a smartphone, accesses the camera and uses a built-in “laser module” to create a 3D map of the food item being scanned.

The NutriRay3D is currently compatible with Windows Phone and Android operating systems. The engineers at University of Washington have set up an IndieGoGo project and hope to achieve funding for an iOS version.

Currently, the project is only at 6 percent of its $50,000 goal. NutriRay3D’s developers plan to have a beta version ready for distribution to early backers by July 2016.

(h/t + Picthx: University of Washington)


You Can Now Eat Your Own Face Thanks To These Custom Cookie Cutters


Traditionally, the thought of eating your own face or that of your loved ones was a pretty taboo subject matter. Well, a company in Budapest will let you do just that.

Sort of.

Copypastry is known for creating custom cookie cutters that are designed after your very own face. Using 3D printing, the Hungary-based business allows customers to send in a photographs of anyone and the company will print them out as cookie cutters.

You can requests orders of an individual face, a couple, or one of your pet. Who wouldn’t want adorable cookies in the shape of their furry best friend?

Next time you’re looking to impress someone with a fresh batch of cookies, you might as well feature their faces on them. Should be a nice surprise, especially with the holidays coming up.



Doritos Jacked 3D Has 40 Percent More D, Exactly What You Wanted


Back in the ’90s, Doritos introduced the world to their 3D variant chips. Doritos 3D, they called it. As an homage to the nostalgic variety, Doritos is bringing back its 3D chips, albeit in a slightly more “jacked” form.

Doritos Jacked 3D will be available in two flavors: Bacon Cheddar Ranch and Jalapeño Pepper Jack. The snack itself is said to be 40 times larger in size and thickness than its predecessor and to boast a much more intense flavor.

Look for Doritos Jacked 3D to hit store shelves this summer for a limited time. The snack will be available in two sizes, 3.125 ounces and 11.5 ounces, and can be purchased for a suggested retail price of $1.49 and $4.29 respectively.


3D Printer Uses Mayo to Create Burger Selfies


Hellmann’s, a mayonnaise brand, recently launched a campaign for their products. The company posed the question: What if your burgers were a blank canvas? Setting out to answer that burning question, the brand used a 3D printer nestled inside a burger truck. The truck took photos of customers via smartphone.

The photos selfies are then uploaded and sent to the printer. Using a bottle of mayonnaise, the printer then draws the face onto the burger patty. Though we’re pretty sure the lines are long and the burgers aren’t too crazy, having your selfie printed in mayo does sound tasty (unless you’re one of those people who loathes mayo). Should give your Instagram selfie collection a different look for at least a day.

Just make sure to snap it before the mayonnaise runs.

H/T D&S Media


A Video Game About a Piece of Bacon Fighting Evil Was Green-Lit by Steam


If you’ve ever wondered what it would be like to be a walking, humanoid piece of bacon that shoots from a toaster gun, is dressed like the American flag and battles other food-inspired characters, this is it. A video game is currently in development where the main character is a bacon-themed superhero who is fighting for his life.

Bacon Man is an action game that incorporates the nostalgia of the ’90s in the form of a side scroller, taking inspiration from classic titles like Mega Man X, Earthwork Jim and Rayman. The game is a combination of fighting, shooting and physics with the added charm of a porktastic protagonist. Because nothing says America like a piece of bacon dressed in red, white and blue.

The 3D-rendered world is inspired by the different food groups. Players begin in The Freezer and continue through the game toward the Meat Zone, the Dairy Zone, Pomegranate City, the deserts of Udon and Vegan Valley before arriving at the final level.


The story seems pretty solid too, in a Count of Monte Cristo kind of way. Bacon Man is framed by the Food Kings for the murder of Old King Roast Beef. It starts off with a prison break where Bacon Man travels through all the food worlds fighting to clear his name and exact revenge on those who framed him.

The project has been officially given the green light by Steam, a digital game distribution and social networking platform, and currently in development by Skymap Games. However, they’re still going through a round of funding.  At time of publication they’ve reached $3,731 of a $20,000 Kickstarter goal with 29 days left to go.

Way more thought out than potato salad.

Picthx Steam


Creepy/Awesome Valentine’s Gift Idea: Your Head on a PEZ Dispenser


Yes, you read correctly. Hot Pop Factory insists that it’s not strange and terrifying to eat sugar pills from your own plastic neck. Using X-Box Kinect motion sensors to scan your cranium and mold you into a candy dispenser that roughly resembles a soap carving of the expressionless mannequin version of you is perfectly normal. Welcome to the new year.




I very much think I’d prefer the Disney Princess version. Belle and I were always tight.

H/T Geekologie +PicThx Hot Pop


3D Holiday Cookie Cutters

Avatar, The Lion King, and now cookies. It started in the film industry and 3D has now found its way into the kitchen. Add a new dimension to your holiday cookies this year that will really make them stand above the rest with this cookie cutter set. If you ask me, other cookies just fall flat compared to these standalone treats. I’ll be here all night folks!

The set comes equipped with what you’ll need to cut out the cookie components for 6 different three-dimensional holiday shapes. Cookies are great and everything, but I’d love to see somebody add a third dimension to my pizza. ($20 @ Red Envelope)


Tron Burger

The much anticipated Tron Legacy film staring Jeff Bridges and the gorgeous Olivia Wilde dropped in theaters yesterday. According to Foodbeast’s Elie and Marc, it was worth the sixteen dollar price tag for the third dimensional experience. While I’m not sure if I’d shell out $16 to watch a movie, even if it is Tron Legacy… I would spare $16 for the chance to try a Tron Burger!