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This 3D Printer Will Literally Print Out A Pizza For You In Any Shape

Getting pizzas in a typical square or circle shape doesn’t have to be the norm anymore.

A new printer called the Chef 3D can make pizzas into any shape you desire, be it a traditional circle, a heart, or even the continental United States.

The printer was developed by BeeHex, who just raised $1 million in seed funding to launch the Chef 3D with pilot food industry customers in 2017, according to TechCrunch. Chef 3D can be programmed to print any pizza shape that a customer desires, and will print out the dough, sauce, and cheese that can then be baked within minutes.

This allows for some unique pizza shapes to form, and would be great for themed pizzas at ballparks, theme parks, or to just help get pizza out quickly at chains like Pizza Hut and Domino’s. Toppings can simply be added on after the pizza shape is formed.


The printer isn’t a one-trick pony, as it can also customize the printed pizza based on the needs of the customer who ordered. It can be used for gluten-free or even vegan pizza just as easily as it can make a cheese pizza.

Think about all the different shapes and types of pizza that you could make with this machine. With pizza being such a universally loved food, there’s no end to the possibilities of creations you could make.

While consumers won’t be able to buy this printer, the Chef 3D is a machine that many businesses may utilize to produce their pizzas in the future.

If you want to see the Chef 3D make this pizza for yourself, BeeHex will demo the printer at the upcoming International Pizza Expo in Las Vegas.


This 3D Printer Cooks Up An Impressive Future For Food, Available Soon


A startup has created the ultimate food printer for lazy people who don’t like to cook but still want to eat healthy. It’s called the Foodini by Natural Machines, a Barcelona-based startup, and it may just be the next revolution in food.

“In essence, this is a mini food manufacturing plant shrunk down to the size of an oven,” Co-founder Lynette Kucsma told CNN at the Web Summit in Dublin.


The printer can virtually print anything out of certain foods, but this is one you have to see to believe — this printer can tackle pasta, burgers, pizza, and some really tasty looking appetizers and desserts.

“It’s the same technology, but with plastics there’s just one melting point, whereas with food it’s different temperatures, consistencies and textures. Also, gravity works a little bit against us, as food doesn’t hold the shape as well as plastic.”

The food, all of it natural and fresh, is loaded through plastic capsules, and Natural Foods assures that the food will be preservative free with a shelf life of five days. The device currently only prints the food, which must then be cooked, but in the future, the printer will be able to do both tasks. Users can even control the Foodini from their smart phone.

“There’s a touchscreen on the front that connects to a recipe site in the cloud, so it’s an internet-of-things, connected kitchen appliance.”

Here are some impressive examples of what the printer can whip up:

Sweet Potato and Apple Hashbrowns



Here the 3D printer is making a pizza.



And voila! This 3D printed pizza looks more appetizing than most frozen pizzas.



Plate Divider Appetizer made out of Purple Potatoes



This is what 3D printed salads look like.



Delicious Pumpkin Gnocchi.



3D Printed Mini Burgers.


A freshly printed bowl of spaghetti.



A 3D printed salad tower.


And for dessert, a printed white chocolate bunny on top of a carrot cake cookie.



Source: CNN Images via Natural Machines

Written by Max Chang for NextShark


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