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Everything Costs $3 At This Brandless Online Grocery Store

Ever notice the huge mark up of prices between popular name-brand groceries compared to the generic store-brand ones? We’ll stick to Hydrox, thanks. If you’re not one to care about the most popular brands and everything essentially tastes the same to you, you might want to check out Brandless.

Brandless is an online grocery store that sells non perishable foods like coffee, dressings, peanut butter, snacks, sauces, and candies but without any sort of brand name tied to them. Essentially, peanut butter is just labeled as peanut butter and costs you $3.

In fact, everything sold in the store costs $3, reports TechCrunch.

Other than food, Brandless also sells things like kitchen utensils, personal care products, cleaning supplies, and office supplies. The store boasts hundreds of brand-free items customers can get for cheap.

Kinda awesome that one single place exists that you can get so many household items and foods for just $3.


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Quizno’s always stays up on their coupon game for you foodbeasts to get at. This month they have either $1-2-3 dollar off either 1, 2 or 3 subs. So get your friends together and go get your toasty on. Or if you’re really feeling ambitious you can get $10 off any catering order over $35. So in that case, put all 17 people at your office in your astrovan and cruise over so you can also get your toasty on.