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Customer Appreciation Month at Subway Means $2 Subs For Everyone


Starting tomorrow Subway is officially kicking off its traditional Customer Appreciation Month. For the entire month of December the sandwich chain is thanking their customers by offering 6-inch Cold Cut Combo or Meatball Marinara sandwiches for only $2. Simple math aside, this means that a footlong is only 4 bucks, but you’ll probably have to order it as two 6-inch sammies.

The chain typically offers an “all day value” menu featuring 4-6 sandwiches as their everyday $5 footlongs with an additional sandwich that is usually featured as the $5 sub of the month.

Along with these Customer Appreciation Month deals December also adds the Chipotle Chicken & Cheese as the $5 Featured Footlong for the month.

As always the fine print suggests that there are additional charges for extras such as avocado or bacon, basically things that make your sandwich much more delicious.

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Subway Offering $2 Subs For the Month of December

Starting tomorrow, December 1st, Subway, the world’s largest sandwich chain will announce their plans for a $2, six-inch sub sandwich promotion that will span the entire month. Just when you thought they couldn’t out-due themselves with their industry-busting $5 foot-long sub promotions, they’re taking it a step further during a month that’s typically slower not only for Subway, but for a majority of fast food brands.

The promotion only covers six-inch versions of their Meatball Marinara and Cold Cut Combo at the $2 promo price. For those that didn’t study math in school, two six-inch subs will make a foot-long, and thus net you a $4 foot-long.

I didn’t study math in college either…so I’m sure someone will bring up tax, promotional-restrictions and other reasons to why that last paragraph might have some inconsistencies. Regardless, eat on you deal-hounds!

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