DougieDog’s $100 Hot Dog

How much will you pay for a hot dog? $2? $10? An unmentionable favor or two for a friend? DougieDog, an eatery located in Vancouver Canada is charging $100 for their Dragon Dogs. The Dragon Dog is made from a hundred year-old Louis the 13 Cognac infused into bratwurst. A bottle of the cognac costs over $2,000. The Dragon Dog also contains fresh lobster, kobe beef, and a very secret picante sauce.

Dougie Luv, the proprietor behind DougieDog, told Huffington Post that he wanted to create something “tasty and high-end” but still stay in the tradition of what a hot dog truly is. The Dragon Dog is claimed to be the most expensive hot dog in the world.

Sure beats the one I’m about to eat that’s been thawing in my sink overnight.

via: Huffington Post