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EPIC 10-Pound Japanese Wagyu Bento Box Gets A Guinness World Record

Last year, Japanese food delivery specialist Gochikuru sold a MASSIVE bento box crammed with 4.5 kilograms (almost 10 pounds) of authentic wagyu on their website. Containing ten different cuts from across the entire cow, this wagyu feast was coveted and sold out fast as demand skyrocketed.

Gochikuru’s bento box isn’t done, though, as it’s coming back with year-round availability and with a shiny Guinness World Record attached to it: The world’s most expensive bento box.

Photo courtesy of Gochikuru

The total price of this feast, which also comes with 4 pounds of Kinu Musume rice and an entire root of legit wasabi, is 292,929 yen, or just under $2600 US Dollars. That was more than plenty for Guinness to certify Gochikuru with the prestigious honor of selling the world’s most expensive bento box.

Those interested in getting the box for themselves can order it online year-round now, as Gochikuru has added it to their permanent lineup of meals. You do still have to be in Japan to get the box, and will have to order it two weeks in advance. But if you’re traveling to Japan anytime soon, know that you can get one of these in advance and feast on wagyu with your crew upon arrival.

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10 Pounds of Authentic Wagyu Beef Are Crammed Into This EPIC Bento Box

Normally, if you’re gonna dish out on the cash on a quality piece of authentic Japanese Wagyu, you’re not gonna need a whole lot of it to enjoy the buttery, next-level flavors of the ultra premium beef. However, if you are looking to go ham on a whole mess of the real good stuff, then you’ll wanna track this MASSIVE Wagyu bento box down.

Gochikuru, a meal delivery company in Japan, is offering up the Wagyu bento box for a grand total of 292,929 yen (roughly $2600 USD). The extensive and expensive feast is loaded with a total of 4.5 kg, or just under ten pounds, of Wagyu beef. There are ten different cuts present in the entire meal, ranging from the cow tongue to the coveted filet mignon. It’s all sourced from Tottori Prefecture, a region that recently won awards for having Japan’s highest quality meat, according to Gochikuru’s website.

A whole host of accouterments also come in the bento meal, including 4 pounds of Kinu Musume rice, a silky and slightly sweet grain also grown in Tottori. There’s also salt, lime, tare (a dipping sauce made with local pears), and an entire root of authentic Japanese wasabi. All in all, you’re getting about 15 pounds of food, most of which is high-end authentic Wagyu. Considering that there’s ten pounds of meat involved, you could easily share this with twenty people for a more reasonable cost of about $135 per person.

However, there are a few criteria involved with being able to purchase this Wagyu bento box from Gochikuru. You’ll need to wait a couple of weeks for the order to process, and the deliveries will only be distributed across Japan. What’s more, the website is already sold out for orders until December 28th, so you won’t get to sample the bountiful beef banquet until next year, should you choose to get it.

The Tokyo Weekender also reports that Gochikuru is only offering the epic meal until March 31st, so if you really want in on all this Wagyu, you’ve got until then to get to Japan and secure an order for it.