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This 10-Pound Poke Bowl Challenge Is Almost Impossible To Defeat

There are some truly daunting food challenges out there, like the ferocious 10-pound OMG Burger or the One Chip Challenge straight from hell. This 10-pound poke bowl belongs amongst these behemoths as one of the toughest to finish out there.

Located at Poke Paradise in San Jose, CA, this gargantuan bowl of fresh fish could sink even the formidable Kraken.

What makes it so intimidating is the rice, which comes in the form of 10 heaping shovelfuls that take up the majority of this challenge. From there, you get 10 scoops of your choice of protein, plus any toppings and sauces you’d like to add on. Even if you can stomach all that you still about an entire rice cooker of starch to devour afterward.

It makes sense that Poke Paradise’s challenge has a win-loss record even Mike Tyson would be impressed with. Since its debut in April 2017, a massive handful of challengers have attempted to conquer it. Only two have emerged victorious, and both were competitive eaters. Eating phenom Joey Chestnut completed the challenge in about 15 minutes, while Raina Huang, the eater who also cleaned out Panda Express’ entire menu, accomplished it in 26 minutes.

You can view Raina’s full attempt at the Poke Paradise 10-pound poke bowl challenge below:

While the challenge is tough, the risk is well worth the reward. Defeat sets you back $60 (the cost of the bowl), while victory earns you $100 in cash, a spot in their hall of fame, and the empty bowl you vanquished.

Oh, and the meal is on the house if you win.

If you think you can be the third person to ever finish this 10-pound poke bowl, Poke Paradise is ready for your call. It does take 20 minutes to prepare, and the restaurant prefers if you call a couple of hours ahead so they have time to get things set up.