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Apple’s Latest Update Destroys The Peach Emoji’s Beautiful Meaning


Every so often, Apple updates its emoji, gives them a little more flare, and makes them look sharper. Their latest iOS 10.2 update completely changed the meaning of one of their most used emoji, the peach.

Often associated as the emoji that most resembles a butt, its double meaning was pretty useful in everyday conversation, since we talk so much about ass.

But now the emoji lost its butt-like features and, well, just looks like a peach.

There’s already some creative situations being batted around as one user thought this would be a suitable replacement in certain situations.

Mashable had some suggestions for your sexting needs, saying the cherries emoji, pear, hot dog, chestnut, and full moon are some good emoji we can still use. But, in the end, it’s just not the same.

Next thing you know, the eggplant emoji is just going to look like an eggplant. Well, actually, the eggplant is always going to look phallic, so good luck changing the meaning of that one.