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Smashburger Tests Holiday Pass That Gives You $1 Burgers Every Day

If a genie were to grant you three wishes, what would you ask for? We used to think about this a lot when we were younger and, as we grew older, our wishes became more practical: money, good health, heat vision. That sort of thing.

There was a time, however, that we would wish for a burger a day, not too different from that kid Max’s wish in the film Kazaam. Thanks to Smashburger, it looks like we’ll no longer have to waste a wish on those burgers. The fast food chain announced the release of a Holiday Smash Pass.

All you have to do is go to Smash Club and sign up for the SmashClub rewards program. You’re then able to buy the Holiday Smash Pass for $54, which is estimated at $250 in value. Once you have it, you’ll get a $1 entree coupon sent to you every day from Nov. 15 through Jan 9.

Entrees that qualify include all Smashburger’s signature beef burgers, chicken sandwiches, turkey burgers, black bean burgers, and salads. You can still do the base Create Your Own sandwich option with the Pass, but all the premium add-ons will cost extra.

Unfortunately, you’ll have to use the $1 coupon every day and can’t stack them for later days.

Still, if you’re someone who loves burgers and indecisive about what to grab for dinner, perhaps you should check out this Holiday Pass. Pretty sure a burger a day will keep the doctors away. Probably.

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Taco Bell’s New Potatorito Only Costs $1

We’ve often had to stretch a buck before, and in most cases we’re just trying to satiate the monster who dwells within our bellies – buying ourselves time until we can properly find a way to exorcise exercise him from our lives and our wallets. But I digress.

Taco Bell’s value menu just got a little more filling with the addition of a meaty new burrito: the Beefy Potatorito. All you’ll have to cough up is a buck.

Patrons will find this burrito boasts a layer of seasoned beef, cheddar cheese, crispy potatoes, and a drizzle of chipotle sauce. All these saliva-inducing ingredients embrace each other within a warm tortilla.

Taco Bell’s newest $1 menu item is now available nationwide. Excuse us while we grab one for lunch. Possibly 15.


Watch This Competitive Eater Struggle Through A 1,000 Mint Tic Tac Challenge

We’ve seen Furious Pete before. He’s the same guy that crushed A CHIPOTLE-SIZED BURRITO in 30 seconds, but now he’s working on a challenge that we’ve never seen before.

Pete is pretty much an eating machine, so you would think eating 1,000 mint-flavored Tic Tacs would be a piece of cake for a professional eater like himself, but sometimes looks can be deceiving. Check out the video below:

“I’m Furious Pete,” he says as before explaining the basis of the challenge. “We’re taking 600 Tic Tacs, that’s 200 in every pack, these are the the “mint” flavor, not some PUSSY ASS FRUIT flavor and we’re adding an extra 400 to the pot for a total of 1,000 mint Tic Tacs.”

Can we do it in 5 minutes? I’m not sure. Can we do it at all? I’m not sure either. But there’s only one way to find out — THAT’S WHAT THIS IS ALL ABOUT, that’s why it’s a challenge,” Pete exclaimed just before popping open the first case.

At first, Pete didn’t seem to be intimidated by the 1,000 bite-sized mint morsels, since he’s crushed larger things in the past, but before he even got to the one minute mark, he realized shit was getting real.

Should I be chewing these, or no” he wonders aloud at the 27-second mark.

It took him well over a minute to finish just one case, which is pretty slow by his competitive eating standards. At one point he said, “This was not as easy as I thought it was going to be, I thought it was going to be ‘Bada-boom, Bada-bing’ they’re gone.”

I was wrong,” Pete said at the 1:46 second mark, still having not finished one pack of Tic Tacs.

It took competitive eater about two-minutes to finish the first pack, he then moved on, where at about the 5:00 minute mark, he shared some words of advice with his followers.

This is not easy, not easy at all, I do not recommend doing this. This is just stupid,” he said.

Pete finally finished all 1,000 mint Tic Tacs in at about the 11 minutes and seven seconds. He was visibly shaken and looked like he’s just received an ‘F’ on an economics exam he actually studied for. It’s all good, Pete. This challenge wasn’t for you.

Regardless of the outcome of this challenge, Furious Pete is still a world-record holding professional eater and that’s pretty chill, if you ask us.

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Taco Bell Launches $1 Breakfast Menu With 10 Different Items


Taco Bell has launched a new dollar menu. Even better, it’s breakfast. The fast food goliath just announced the addition of the $1 Morning Value Menu to their restaurants.

New items will include a Mini Skillet Bowl, a Breakfast Soft Taco (bacon or sausage), a Sausage Flatbread Quesadilla, a Grilled Breakfast Burrito (bacon, sausage, or fiesta potatoes), a 2-Pack of Cinnabon Delights, a Hashbrown and a small Mountain Dew Kickstart Orange Citrus.

The breakfast shake up is in response to customer surveys revealing that folks want more options when it comes to $1 breakfast.

Ten items should about do it, right?


2 for $1 Wienerschnitzel Corn Dogs for National Corn Dog Day Saturday


Who: Der Schnitzel
What: Is promoting double fisting with a special two-for $1 corn dog deal in honor of National Corn Dog Day. Double dipping also highly encouraged.
Where: All participating locations
When: All day, Saturday, March 22


Jamba Juice Offering $1, 16-Ounce Smoothies in California Saturday


WHO: Jamba Juice

WHAT: Nab any 16-ounce smoothie for just $1. Proceeds go to fighting childhood obesity. No coupon required.

WHERE: All participating locations in California

WHEN: Saturday, September 14, 9:00 a.m. to noon

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McDonald’s Decides Upgraded ‘Dollar Menu’ Can Cost, Like, $2 – $5


Technically they’re calling it the “Dollar & More” menu, but that’s kind of cop-outty, right? Technically, everything costs a dollar “& more,” from a .65 cent chicken wing after you include tax and tip, to that $3.99 Quarter Pounder BLT. (The “& more” is really only there so no one’s outright lying.)

Still, for the sake of transparency, McDonald’s has been testing a new “Dollar & More” menu in five U.S. markets as an alternative to the chain’s existing Dollar Menu and “Extra Value” menu. The upgraded version would feature three price points of around $1, $2 and $5 and come as a response to rising ingredient costs, according to the Associated Press.

No word on if and when the new menu would get a national roll-out, but Neil Golden, the chief marketing officer for McDonald’s, told AP that tests have been largely positive so far. Our only suggestion is that instead of breaking the tiers up by price, they be organized according to the number of days since last payday. If we’re penny-pinching at McDonald’s of all places, it really only makes sense.

H/T Consumerist, AP + PicThx McIllinois