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Taco Bell to Offer Mobile Ordering in 2014


Forget enduring the drive thru you ain’t got time for that, you just want to grab your Gordita and go. Taco Bell has decided to offer its customers the ability to place orders through its smartphone app, because fast food isn’t fast enough.

Taco Bell developed the app about two years ago but recently started testing it in select locations around Orange County, CA. So far, the results have been promising with Taco Bell executives looking to make in-app ordering available nationwide later this year.

The home of the Doritos Loco Taco isn’t the first chain to consider mobile ordering, Chipotle has been offering the option to their customers since 2009 while McDonalds has also been experimenting with in-app ordering. Shoot, with all these mobile ordering options available to us I would be surprised if drive thrus weren’t converted to “order pick up” stations by this time next year.

Now if we could only get In-N-Out in on this

H/T Nation’s Restaurant News + PicThx Laughing Squid

By Ashley Khawsy

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