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Taco Bell Testing Rolled Chicken Tacos That Look Indistinguishably Like Taquitos


Looks like Taco Bell is testing a new item called Rolled Chicken Tacos somewhere in Ohio. The menu addition is essentially a chicken taquito given an unnecessarily commercial-friendly name. Made with shredded chicken and a crispy tortilla wrap, the tacos are served with your choice of dipping sauces.

Grub Grade pointed out that they looked suspiciously similar to the Taquito Dippers they were testing a while back, no under a different name. A four pack of Rolled Chicken Tacos, along with two dipping sauces, is available at $3.99. Sauces include spicy ranch, salsa, guacamole, nacho cheese and reduced fat sour cream.

No official word yet on if and when these taquitos Rolled Chicken Tacos will make it out of the testing phase, but we’ll definitely keep an eye out.

H/T GrubGrade

By Peter Pham

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3 replies on “Taco Bell Testing Rolled Chicken Tacos That Look Indistinguishably Like Taquitos”

WHY in the hell is Taco Bell messing with stupid shit that my kid could make at home in 5 minutes? For crying out loud, bring back stuff that was GOOD and that people are crying for their return, like fajita wraps, for one. Those damned things are what got me addicted to Taco Bell in the first place.

And what about the original chicken burrito?

Lose all that Cantina crap and bring back stuff people will actually eat.

Lovelush – you’ve gone all curmudgeon again. What happened to your sunny disposition? Your kid can make in 5 mins? I could understand a kid making a quesadilla in 5 mins (dump cheese in tortilla, fold, pan fry 2 mins, flip, fry 2 mins). But I’d like to see you have a kid slow roast chicken until fork tender, pull the chicken flesh apart, season, all while creating and reducing a sauce on the side, simmer the pulled chicken in the sauce until well-blended, dump it into a tortilla and roll it, place in deep-fryer until crispy, drain, serve. Post that to Youtube start-to-finish 5 mins, and I will in turn post a video of me eating both of the socks I am wearing right now….GO! PS – Some of the best restaurant dishes could be prepared by a kid in 5 mins: Butter poached lobster…. seasoned & seared Ribeye… scrambled eggs…

Nah, man, you buy the chicken already cooked like Taco Bell does. You’re giving TB a little too much credit here, LOL

But I still love them. Having TB for dinner tonight, in fact. A fresco style chicken burrito supreme and a crunchwrap. Love those damned things.

And pardon my disposition, my anxiety has been getting the better of me these days. NOT in a good mood.

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