Taco Bell Testing Nacho-Shaped Tortilla Stuffed with Beef, Cheese & Sour Cream

Really big Nacho

They gave away free PS4s, they gave us the Distortion and Typhoon freezes, they kinda wimped out with the Flamas Taco but the point is they totally understand that a giant Nacho-shaped food Item is something that we want to consume.

In Knoxville Tennessee, Taco Bell is testing a “Grilled Stuft Nacho” which contains beef, tortilla strips, cheese, and sour cream all wrapped in a soft flour tortilla and it’s the next best thing to them literally making a giant Nacho chip and handing it to you. Although it’s still in its testing phase, I have faith that Taco Bell will do the proper American thing, and get this  overly self-indulgent food item to become a reality.

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By Thiong'o K. Ngugi

Thiong'o is a writer based in Irvine California. He is also a performer at ImprovCity.

2 replies on “Taco Bell Testing Nacho-Shaped Tortilla Stuffed with Beef, Cheese & Sour Cream”

Interesting idea, but the only difference between this and some of their other food items is the shape. However, it may appease those crying for the return of the beefy crunch burrito.

Damn. Now I want Taco Bell, LOL

“Guys. GUYS. What if… GUYS. LISTEN. What if…. what if we took a Crunchwrap Supreme and, like, chopped up the tostada into little bits, then mix them into the rest of the ingredients. Then cut it in half to make it look more delicious. And, like, remove the lettuce and tomato, because no one cares about those guys.”

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