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Taco Bell Declares First Step in World Domination With Plans to Construct 1,300 Global Locations


Americans can hardly go a day or two without someone bringing up Taco Bell. In the last few years, the fast food chain has blown up with the release of their Doritos Locos Tacos and redefined bathroom trips with its breakfast waffle tacos. Naturally, expansion was inevitable.

Taco Bell Inc. announced Thursday that they have plans to build 1,300 locations overseas.

With so many Taco Bells in the US, we just assumed they were just as plenty around the world. However, only about 250 international stores exist currently. That’s roughly the same number of stores as in the state of Georgia.

The addition of the proposed 1,300 stores will be a huge expansion for the brand. Taco Bell currently has 5,800 units within the US, opening 200 stores in 2014 alone. The new international stores will add an extra $2 billion in sales annually, said the company.

Parent company Yum Brands has plans to shift Taco Bell’s domestic focus to align with their other fast food babies, KFC and Pizza Hut, which have thousands of restaurants around the world.

That’s a lot of DLTs.

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By Peter Pham

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