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Taco Bell’s Newest Burrito Has A Layer Of Cheese Melted On The Outside

This year, street food vendors in Los Angeles have been going viral for wrapping their breakfast burritos and tacos in cheese blankets. It’s a simple yet tasty way to add new dimensions of flavor and texture to the burrito.

Taco Bell has clearly been keeping themselves aware of this movement, as their latest test item heading into the last months of 2019 capitalizes on that cheese-crusted tortilla.

Photo courtesy of Taco Bell

The chain’s new Grilled Cheese Burrito takes a layer of cheese and melts it over the grilled tortilla, meaning you get ooze and crunch with an intense cheesy aroma all at once. Inside the tortilla is pretty standard fare, like Taco Bell’s red tortilla strips, beef, rice, more melted cheese, creamy chipotle, and sour cream.

It’s the cheesy outside, however, that makes this a buzz-worthy burrito.

You can currently only find this creation at Taco Bell locations in Chattanooga, Tennessee, where they are selling for $2.99 each or as part of bigger $5 and $7 boxes. If it does well, there’s a good chance we could see this going nationwide sometime next year.

By Constantine Spyrou

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