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Taco Bell Testing Chicken Strips Coated In Crispy Bits Of Tortilla Chips

Taco Bell Crispy Tortilla Chicken

From innovations like the Naked Chicken Chalupa to Nacho Fries, Taco Bell has proved its worth in creating hit menu items that defy novelty and resonate within fast food culture. Now they’re taking another essential and finessing it with that signature Taco Bell slant with Crispy Tortilla Chicken. The Bell continues their foray into fried chicken by taking all-white meat chicken and marinating it in a jalapeño buttermilk and then coating it in crunchy tortilla chips. What’s more, the strips will be served with a brand new signature dipping sauce. And since it’s Taco Bell, these crunchy new strips will be incorporated into their tacos as well.

In coming up with this new item, Taco Bell’s Test Kitchen created 100 different versions before deciding on the winning iteration. So trust that the team’s been hard at work to ensure that the Crispy Tortilla Chicken will be another hit to add to the Taco Bell catalog. This new menu item isn’t available everywhere yet, however, as it will be tested first in Houston, Texas and Dayton, Ohio first before a targeted nationwide launch in the summer of 2020.

Taco Bell Crispy Tortilla Chicken strips

Having tasted the new Crispy Tortilla Chicken myself, you do get subtle notes of tortilla chip flavor within each bite. Though the highlight for me here was the substantial crunch you get from the tortilla chip bits and panko breading. I can only imagine the gaudy echo of the first bite you have into a Crispy Tortilla Chicken within a hard shell taco. Probably music to my ears.

Though past innovation from Taco Bell have been limited releases, with an occasional subsequent re-release, representatives of the chain mentioned that they’re hopeful to have the Crispy Tortilla Chicken become a mainstay on the menu, depending on the feedback from the test cities. Well, Dayton and Houston, don’t let us down.

By Reach Guinto

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