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12 Taco Bell Graduation Caps That Will Have You Heading To The Drive-Thru

As seniors say one last goodbye to their alma matters, one thing they’ll never have to part with is the companionship of Taco Bell. Those late nights of studying may often seem brutal at times, but pulling up to that neon purple bell to order bags of tacos buried under a mountain of hot sauce packets can often remind students that there’s a delicious light at the end of the tunnel.

Because it’s graduation season, Taco Bell asked graduates to share their grad caps on Twitter to see who really loved the fast food chain enough to immortalize the brand in their graduation ceremony. Many creative souls shared their experiences through social media.

We spoke to one of these grads, Justin Chow, to see why he chose to represent the Bell.

“I love Taco Bell because they’re fearless,” Chow tells FOODBEAST.

Chow, the guy how created an entire Taco Bell-themed suit explained:

“I wore the suit because I had to pay respect to the food chain that helped me get through school. I’ve loved Taco Bell since I was in middle school. When we were given allowance, my classmates and I needed to stretch it for the week so we would always order Cinnamon Twists or share a Mexican Pizza from Taco Bell’s value menu.”

Photo: Justin Chow

“I’ve seen people take graduation or prom pictures at Taco Bell for social media and I know they’re just doing it for the likes because their photos lack the love,” Chow explained. “It was almost offensive to me because this restaurant is a major part of my childhood. So if I was going to flex for Taco Bell I had to make sure I did it proper.”

We’ve heard the story behind Justin’s suit, now check out these other 11 hilarious and amazing creations from kids around the country.

Before you take a look at the photos below, let me really set the tone for the rest of this read. You know what I’m talking about:











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