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12 Global Taco Bell Items That Will Give You Food Envy

From Asia to Europe, Taco Bell has found its way around the world, serving up their Mexican inspired fare. While a lot of its classic tacos and burritos are in tact, there are several menu items that we simply can’t get here in The States.

You’ve probably seen people make it a point to visit McDonald’s around the world, and chances are the same purpose can apply to Taco Bell, trying unique items such as Chocodillas in El Salvador or Tikka Masala Burritos in India.

This definitely creates food envy, and reminds us that we don’t have it all here in the U.S.

If you ever find yourself in one of these locations, be sure to check out what they have to offer, post a photo, and make everyone jealous.


Kuwait- Tacones

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Taco Bell Kuwait said hard shell tortillas were too basic, and decided to turn them into cones. They call them Tacones, which funny enough, means high heels in Spanish. Stuffed with crispy chicken and potatoes, these Tacones come in classic, fiery Volcano, or double cheese cone flavors.


Guatemala – Dulce de Leche Flautas

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Anything containing dulce de leche is an automatic upgrade. Guatemala has sweet dessert taquitos stuffed with the caramel confection.

Costa Rica – Pinto Mechado

Costa Rica is known for its particular style of rice and beans called gallo pinto. Instead of the rice and beans that we typically see at Taco Bell, Costa Rica has opted to keep things aligned with their own culinary offerings. The main difference is the red bean, instead of black, plus the blackened rice.

Colombia – Crepadilla

Columbia has a quesadilla using a crepe instead of flour tortilla. It’s definitely a change that while simple, changes the consistency of the entire quesadilla. We’re all for it.

Spain – Ice Cream Sundaes, Sweet Nachos


While Taco Bells in the U.S. have very limited dessert options, Taco Bell in Spain goes all out, with not only ice cream options, but sweet nachos as well. Their Crunchy Choco Bell sundaes consist of dulce de leche, topped with hard shell chocolate drizzles. Their sweet nachos consist of cinnamon dusted chips with a dulce de leche dipping sauce.

Cyprus – Bannurito

Well this is a burrito you don’t see every day. Stufffed with bananas and praline, then drizzle with Nutella, the Banurrito is the dessert burrito we didn’t know we needed.


U.K. – Chocomarshmelt, Doritos Crunch Burrito

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The Chocomarshmelt is like a sweet Crunchwrap. Stuffed with chocolate and marshmallow, this must-have treat is wrapped just like a Crunchwrap, making it a creative twist on a Taco Bell favorite.


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Taco Bell is no stranger to stuffing its burritos with chips, but the U.K. is the only one that uses Doritos. The Doritos Crunch Burrito was introduced in 2018, and may be a limited time offering, but I’m sure locals are hoping it sticks around.

Canada – Flamin’ Hot Crunchwrap

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A Crunchwrap stuffed with Flamin’ Hot Cheetos sounds like it should have happened years ago, but it barely made its debut in 2017, in Canada. The Cheetos are the only difference, though, all the other Crunchwrap flavor profiles are the same.

India – Tikka Masala Burrito

A Chicken Tikka Masala burrito in India makes perfect sense. Any time a fast food chain can adopt an item that’s near and dear to a culture, it’s a good thing. The burrito consists of grilled chicken, tandoori mayo sauce, Mexican rice and cilantro, all wrapped in a flour tortilla.

El Salvador – Chocodilla

You can atually find the Chocodilla in several countries, including Guatemala, Costa Rica, Colombia, Spain and the U.K., but El Salvador’s has a unique chocolate tortilla, while the others have a traditional flour tortilla. Stuffed with melted chocolate, it’s definitely a treat that complements your Crunchwrap.

Korea – Kimchi Quesadilla

Here’s another instance where Taco Bell took note of its location and incorporated a local staple. Kimchi consists of fermented veggies that are seasoned with chili powder, garlic, ginger and jeotgal (salted seafood). Combine that with a spicy chicken quesadilla and you’ve got something special in Korea.

Japan – California Burrito

You’d think if any Taco Bell was going to have a California Burrito, it’d be, well, one in California. This guacamole and French fry-filled burrito can be found in Japan though, for now. It was actually tested in West Virginia in 2017, so there’s a chance the U.S. can get it some day, but until then, Japan’s enjoying these little guys.

*Featured photo courtesy of Taco Bell.
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By Isai Rocha

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