Surrender Your Arteries Now: The Megaburgerpizza Has Arrived


The Pizzaburger is one of those savory unicorns you’ve heard about in hushed conversations but have never actually tried yourself. And you probably never will because it’s always a fleeting “limited time” item or offered in faraway lands like Japan. . . or Canada.

For those lucky few who do happen to be in Japan, however, Kyoto pizza shop Pizza Little Party is offering the Megaburgerpizza. Note, that’s “Mega,” aka sh*t just got escalated.
pizza burger
Japan’s Pizzaburger behemoth weighs in at 2.65 lbs and essentially swaps the buns for two 11-inch pizza pies decked out with meat sauce and cheese. Sandwiched between the pizzas are 400g of grilled beef patties decked out with the usual burger fixings of ketchup, mustard, pickles and onions.

The Megaburgerpizza rolls out September 1 and will be available until November 22 for 2,580 Yen (US $26). Until we can figure out a way to teleport to Japan, we’ll be over here improvising with $1 cheeseburgers and microwavable pizzas.

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