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Suprised Burger King Patrons Find Boa Constrictor on Menu, Literally


Customers at an Illinois Burger King were surprised to discover that the fast food restaurant now had a Boa Constrictor on the menu. Literally. Burger enthusiasts at the drive-thru noticed the snake chilling nearby and reported it to the assistant store manager. Believing it was nothing more than a tiny garden snake, she was surprised to find the six-foot constrictor.

Animal Control was contacted immediately to come and retrieve the reptile. Since the local authorities weren’t equipped to house such an exotic animal, however, the snake was taken to the local aquarium and reptile store. Consumerist reports that since the snake was friendly and cause no trouble or harm, it was more than likely a household pet.

No word yet on whether someone claimed the snake, but it’s probably safe to say it won’t be returning to the BK Lounge any time soon. Well, unless it’s for the Chicken Fries.

H/T Consumerist

By Peter Pham

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