Supermarket Lets Impoverished Pick and Choose Food Rather than Simply Receiving Donations


Many have fallen on hard times in the recent years. So it’s great to hear that there are people out there looking to make things better for their community. Britain recently opened their first social supermarket to the impoverished as a means to get people back on their feet after a tough financial spell.

Named The Community Shop, the store opened up in a town in South Yorkshire.  The Community Shop carries food found in general stores that have nothing wrong with it other than minor packaging imperfections (dents, cuts, tears, etc.) that regular retailers try not to carry in their chains. They also carry food that contain a sooner expiration date than most.

The goal of the Community Shop is to give customers the choice of what to pick and take home to their families, instilling a sense of pride. Customers will also have access to cooking workshops as well as home budgeting and debt advice. The selection for the social supermarket changes each day, depending on the items available with some items (butter, oil and flour) being more difficult to acquire than others.

Membership is limited to those who already have some form of welfare support. If the Community Shop proves a successful endeavor, there will be plans to open a London location.


By Peter Pham

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