Superman Bread, because Even the Man of Steel Indulges His Inner Narcissist


If we had to guess what Superman ate for breakfast we’d say something like, “Two dozen raw eggs, a belligerent porcupine and this.” Other than that, we’d be completely lost and many can even argue that the caped crusader doesn’t eat at all, that he’s in fact more similar to a plant and absorbs sunlight via photosynthesis. Of course, that theory can also be debunked given that he’s basically immortal (save for that one Kryptonite shortcoming, hey nobody’s perfect) and doesn’t need anything to survive at all.

Before we go too far into the deep end, let’s agree on one fact: If Superman did eat like the rest of us, he’d probably be a fan of this themed bread featuring his signature “S” symbol. Why? Because even Superman indulges his inner-narcissist every now and then. Although, we’re pretty sure he’d pick off the crust. Sorry, that last fact isn’t up for debate.

Head over here for the recipe.

H/T Geekologie + PicThx Kitchen Overlord

By Charisma Madarang

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