Sunrise Salad XL Dressing Dispenser

Finally! The laws of science working in harmony with technology! …at least when it comes to dressing your salad.

Taking advantage of the physical properties of Vinegar and Oil, the Salad Sunrise XL dispenser allows you to pour out each of the fluids from the same container. The Oil, being less dense rests at the top of the container and can be poured from the top spout while the denser Vinegar can be poured from the lower spout. For such a simple and elegant design, the Salad Sunrise XL manages to come in at a somewhat XL price for my tastes. You can buy one for about $79.

By Brian Yamamoto

Brian earned his bachelor's degree in Communications from California State University, Fullerton with an emphasis in Photocommunications. He is a self-proclaimed ramen aficionado and dabbles in photography and writing in his spare time. While almost a carnivore, he doesn't shy away from partaking in peculiar cuisine whenever he's offered the chance. Some of his current culinary obsessions include home-made peanutella, gastropub burgers and sea urchin sashimi.

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