If You’re Out Of Matches, You Can Just Start A Fire With Sugar

A few weeks back, The Crazy Russian Hacker (and his obsession with potassium permanganate), showed us how to turn an ordinary tub of Nutella into a highly-flammable tub of sticky goo that could save your ass in the zombie apocalypse. Well, once you’ve burned through all the Nutella, what are you going to do?

The answer is simple: Sugar. Along with some potassium permanganate.

No offense, but the Crazy Russian Hacker lives up to his name, although this is pretty legit.

When smashed together with the end of stick, the 50/50 mixture of potassium permanganate and sugar literally ignited in seconds. While both sugar and potassium permanganate can’t seem to be found together in certain survivalist kit lists, both are pretty easy to accumulate. Potassium permanganate, however, is a valued survivalist kit item, and sugar is pretty much free everywhere.

So, as the Crazy Russian always says, “safety is number one priority.” We would advise this experiment be done with some stringent adult supervision — and perhaps a fire extinguisher.

By Evan Lancaster

A journalist focusing on news and anything that's trending. Insists that cherry flavoring makes any soft drink better. Follow him on Twitter or Instagram at @ThatsThatFuego.

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