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Subway’s New Antibiotic-Free Rotisserie Chicken Is The First Of Many Upcoming Changes


National sandwich chain Subway has announced the addition of a new chicken item on the menu. Subway will now be serving a rotisserie-style chicken for its sandwiches and it will be a permanent protein option.

The chicken is hand-pulled in each restaurant and has no artificial additions to it.

On Monday Feb. 29 (also known as LEAP Day), Subway will begin to transition all of its more than 27,000 US restaurants towards serving chicken raised without antibiotics. The company announced a it will also serve antibiotic-free chicken strips nationally on April 1.

A few of Subway’s upcoming goals are the removal of all artificial colors, flavors and perservations from North American menus by 2017; introducing turkey raised without antibiotics to menus sometime in 2016; serving cage-free eggs at North American locations within the next 10 years.

By Peter Pham

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