If You Like Coffee and Live in NYC, this is the Only Subway Map You’ll Ever Need


We New Yorkers have many flaws, but the most fatal will quickly show up if you ask us to meet for coffee. That’s because there are so many small shops, large shops, chain shops, and tiny counters to grab a cup of brew that we can never decide. Oh, decisions.

We can reclaim a bit more of our cool now that this incredible map has surfaced on the interwebs.  However, The Best Coffee Shops of NYC isn’t just a quick rundown of where to get coffee, but rather a carefully selected list of the “top” coffee shops associated with each subway stop in Manhattan. Favorites like Lalo, the Hungarian Pastry Shop, Culture, and Café Grumpy are on the map, along with plenty of places you’ve never heard of. Still, we’re trying to keep our cool about the lack of Brooklyn and Queens lovin’. 

So, um, anyone up for coffee?


H/T + Picthx Gizmodo

By Nora Landis-Shack

Nora Landis-Shack was born to be a foodie. With a classically trained French chef for a father, she’s been exploring new tastes since she was big enough to help chop vegetables for dinner. Pig’s feet, frog’s legs, and tripe are delicious child’s play. Which isn’t to say she doesn’t love a great steak. Because she does. With frites, please.

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