Study Shows LGBT Groups Eat, Drink & Party Harder


Apparently, when it comes to eating, drinking and partying, gay men and women do it better. At least, that’s what a recent study by marketing company Target 10 seems to reflect. The statistics gained from the study are illustrated in several vibrant infographics and give the deets on everything from who drinks the most tequila to who’s the most adventurous foodie.

Things that might surprise/not surprise you: Gay men and lesbians drink more vodka, rum, champagne, tequila and wine than straight men and women, while straight guys and lesbians drink more beer than straight girls and gay guys. Who’s more adventurous when it comes to culinary activites?  57% of gay men have cooked “for fun” in the past year and 68% of gay men “enjoy eating foreign foods” — more than all three other groups. Who’s more likely to order another round of drinks? Overall, gay men and women consume larger amounts of alcohol than straight men and women. Thus, if you’re a straight guy or gal, don’t try to go shot for shot with your gay buddy. You’ll probably end up hugging a pinata on your neighbor’s front lawn and becoming the next big internet meme.

Check out the full study here.


Via The Daily Meal

By Charisma Madarang

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