Strawberry Toaster Strudel® Truffles

How do you feel about Toaster Strudels®? Personally, I think there is way too high a pastry-to-fruit ratio, and all I really want to do is toss the strudel and squeeze the icing packet directly into my face. I prefer Pop Tarts because I like my toaster pastries like I like my men: cold, fruity, and covered in sprinkles.

However, it seems that a great many people enjoy a nice toasty strudel in the morning, so who am I to judge? And actually, when making the truffles, I solved the not-enough-fruit issue (and I totally consumed some “leftover” icing), so everything worked out quite nicely.

Strawberry Toaster Strudel Truffles


  • 1 box Pillsbury® Strawberry Toaster Strudel® Pastries (includes 6 pastries and 6 packets of icing)
  • 1/2c strawberry jam
  • white chocolate baking bark


  1. Bake strudels as directed and let cool.
  2. Process into crumbs in food processor.
  3. Add icing and jam, and process until smooth.
  4. Scoop into 2t balls and chill in fridge.
  5. Melt baking bark and coat balls; return to fridge until set.

So at first I just mashed up the strudel and the icing—I could barely taste the fruit. Adding a 1/2c of the strawberry jam was the perfect solution, and bonus: it didn’t hide the flavor of the pastry or the icing (yes, I could definitely taste each of them separately).  When you can’t decide if you want breakfast for dessert or dessert for breakfast, these truffles are definitely the answer.

Bee tee dubs, the “When pizza’s on a bagel, you can eat pizza anytime” Bagel Bites jingle is stuck in my head, and now it’s stuck in yours. You’re welcome.

By Becky McKay

Becky McKay is known around the Internet blogosphere as "The Cereal Baker," most often responsible for not following any rules in the kitchen. She is currently on a mission to cover every food in the world with some level of chocolate.

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