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Why It Costs $22 For This Seemingly Normal Strawberry

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Strawberries, when in season, can be well worth the money if you’re buying a quality batch. Would you, however, pay $22 for a single piece of fruit? Apparently a single strawberry found in a Hong Kong supermarket is going for just that.

So what makes it so expensive?

According to Time, the Kotoka Strawberry can be found at City Super, an upscale Hong Kong supermarket that specializes in the decadent. Grown in the Japanese city of Nara, the strawberry boasts a seemingly perfect balance of acidity and sweetness.

When shelling out the $22, consumers don’t just get that single strawberry. The fruit is carefully placed in a specially-designed package that includes a foam nest to rest the berry in. The excessive packaging, understandably, has garnered some criticism from groups concerned with packaging waste.

Would you spend that much on one of these strawberries? We can understand if it were one of those reverse strawberries. Now those look pretty cool.

If you decide against the shelling out all that cash for the piece of fruit, and would rather get a batch of regular strawberries, here’s a quick hack on how to shuck them.

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