Half-Naked Ice Cream Man Arrested For Screaming At Kids, He Was High


The children of Clarence, NY, were met with a chilling surprise when they tried to buy ice cream from a truck last Friday. Parents started calling in complaints when they discovered that their children were getting screamed at by the local ice cream man, reports WIVB. He was also in nothing but his underwear.

That’s gotta be a health violation.

Ryan Duff, 24, was arrested by Erie County Sheriff’s Deputies on Friday. After an investigation, they discovered that the ice cream man was high on drugs. According to officers, Duff had refused to cooperate with testing and they had to bring in a drug recognition expert.

Duff was charged with DWI-drugs and is scheudled back in court Aug. 25. Pretty sure that ice cream gig is long gone.


By Peter Pham

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