Stella Artois Brings Upscale ‘European-Style’ Cider to American Markets


Stella Artois will take its best shot at conquering the American apple cider market on May 13th with the release of their new Stella Artois Cidre — a “European-style” brew that’s definitely not your grandma’s apple cider. Traditional American-style cider is on the sweeter side and brings back fond memories for those of us who first tried cider while gnawing on fried chicken at the country fair, whereas European-style cider dials down the sweetness in exchange for a more varied flavor palate and an excuse to feel extra-sophisticated.

Stella Artois’ take on cider is drier and more savory, with “a more complex taste profile” than leading American ciders. This has Stella Artois industry heads hoping that their cider will overtake white wine as the drink of choice at classy American dinner parties. (Fun fact: Hard cider is also referred to as “apple wine,” which sounds a little more upscale than “alcoholic apple juice.”) For the record, Stella Artois Cidre pairs best with most cheeses, fish, and chicken — just not country fair fried chicken. American cider is still probably best for that.

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