This 124-Pound Woman Just Set A World Record For Quickly Eating Steaks


Molly Schuyler is no stranger to steaks. A few years back, the 124-pound woman set a record for eating a Big Texan steak in less than 10 minutes. Now, she’s outdone herself with another record.

Schuyler has returned to the Big Texan in Armarillo, this time, to eat three steaks. No, really.

The competitive eater was served three steaks (4 1/2 pounds each), three shrimp cocktails, three baked potatoes, three bread rolls and three salads. What sounds like a meal for an entire family over the course of a few hours was consumed by Schuyler after only 20 minutes.

Breaking down the event, Schuyler ate the first steak in about 4 minutes, the second at 11 minutes and the third in 20. While she tried for a fourth, three turned out to be her limit. Though she did finish the sides.

Still, at three steaks, Schuyler broke the record at the Texas-based restaurant winning herself $6,000. The restaurant is famous for its steak challenge where patrons could attempt to eat a 72-ounce steak in under an hour. If they succeed, they eat for free.

Schuyler previously completed the challenge with two steak meals. Her recent accomplishment will be presented to the Guinness World Records.

By Peter Pham

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