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The ‘Zombie Frappuccino’ Will Be Starbucks’ Spooky New Halloween Drink

Starbucks picks its spots when introducing new drinks to the public, and Halloween seems to be one of its favorite times to do so.  Their 2015 Frappula Frappuccino was a bloody hit, and this year, it looks like they’re going the route of the undead, with a Zombie Frappuccino.

There have been rumors of the Zombie Frappuccino, and a Starbucks source confirmed to Foodbeast that it is scheduled for an Oct. 26 through Halloween Oct. 31 run.

Barring last minute adjustments, the Zombie Frap will consist of a Creme Frappuccino syrup base, Pink Mocha drizzle, green caramel apple powder, pink powder, and pink “brains” whipped cream (Stores will not have the ingredients available until the launch, so you can’t order one early). 

Some stores have already started promoting it with awesome chalkboard drawings:

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And of course, some baristas are already dreading the inevitable craze that will hit their stores.


It will only be a week, and it sounds colorful and Instagram worthy, but only time will tell if it will be as wild as their Unicorn Frappuccino release.

By Isai Rocha

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