Starbucks Testing Carbonation Options in Select Locations


Starbucks has always been known to let customers have it their way. Whether you’re ordering a simple tall coffee or something more complex like a grande double shot upside down iced caramel macchiato, your Starbucks barista just stands there with a smile, asks your for your name, and moves onto the next unnecessarily complicated request. Besides being able to substitute various milks and syrups the coffee chain has been allowing the carbonation of their drinks at certain locations.

The carbonation process involves a Sodastream-esque device that baristas have available to them behind the counter. Originally the chain was testing their “handcrafted sodas” such as Golden Ginger Ale, Spiced Root Beer and Lemon Ale in select Starbucks locations. As odd as it sounds, since soda testing began Starbucks lovers have been asking baristas to turn their favorite coffee and tea drinks into something lighter and more refreshing using the carbonation option. The only drinks that the company is having a hard time carbonating is their espresso and Frappuccino menu items.

Though it’s still in the testing stages for now we could very well see carbonation as a new ordering option available nationwide, assuming customers respond to these drinks positively. CEO Howard Schultz calls recent tests “very encouraging” which might explain why Starbucks has already made a move to trademark the name Fizzio in anticipation of moving forward carbonation plans, whether it be in the form of their sodas or continuing on with in-store drink modifications.

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By Ashley Khawsy

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