Starbucks Repeatedly Denies Restroom Access to Pregnant Woman

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Starbucks can get a little picky with who they let defecate in their stores, but this is ridiculous.

AZ Central reported that a pregnant woman in Phoenix desperately needed to use a restroom, went to a Starbucks and asked if she could have the code to open the bathroom door Tuesday. As a lot of Starbucks do, the store in question requires customers to buy something before using the restroom. LLana Scheinker, eight months pregnant, said she’d buy something after, she just really needed to go now. The employee refused to help her.

Her husband then came in, gave the barista his credit card and asked to just charge anything to it. The barista still ignored the request.

Finally, another woman in line who was about to make a purchase asked for the code, so she can give it to them. For whatever reason, the Starbucks worker still didn’t want to give them the code and even threatened to call the police. The pregnant woman was forced to quickly make her way to a nearby Subway and handle her business there.

The Starbucks store manager personally called to apologize for the incident, but Scheinker is still boycotting Starbucks.

It’s one thing to misspell our names on purpose, but it’s a totally new level of douchebaggery to not let someone use the restroom for no apparent reason.

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