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Starbucks Announces They Will Start Selling Organic Soup


Today’s a pretty big day for Starbucks. The coffee chain just announced a partnership with Pokemon GO to create a line of Pokemon-inspired Frappuccinos as well as converted all United States locations to PokeStops.

At the their 2016 investor conference, Starbucks annouced that the coffee chain will also start selling organic soups sometime in the next year. The new food item will be an expansion of Starbucks’ Bistro Box selections.

According to Brand Eating, chicken and tomato soup will be two of the featured flavors. The chicken soup, pictured above, features both greens and quinoa to accompany the shredded poultry.

We still don’t know exactly which Starbucks locations will offer them, but expect to see them in select stores sometime by Spring 2017.

Photo: Starbucks

By Peter Pham

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