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For This Weekend Only, Starbucks is Releasing a FRUITCAKE FRAPPUCCINO


Photo: Starbucks

In their holiday tradition of making as many new holiday-themed beverages as possible, Starbucks has revived a classic dessert in their newest drink – and you can only get it for a limited time.

From today through the rest of the weekend, Starbucks is selling a Fruitcake Frappuccino. Their tribute to this timeless holiday dessert starts off with with a Hazelnut Creme Frappuccino base. Dried fruits and cinnamon are added into the blended beverage, which finishes off with whipped cream, matcha powder, and caramel.


Photo: Delish

If Starbucks Rewards members wait until tomorrow (aka National Ugly Sweater Day) to try this new creation, they can also get an ugly sweater coozy to go with their frappuccino – similar to the one sold during last year‘s holiday promotion. Ugly sweater gingerbread cookies will also be sold tomorrow to celebrate National Ugly Sweater Day.

We got our hands on one, and it definitely tastes better than the real deal. While fruitcakes are often a flavor bomb in the worst way possible, this frappuccino is nutty and fruity without being too jarring on your palate. I ended up enjoying it, although it didn’t really taste like the fruitcakes I remember. Fellow Foodbeast Rudy gave it two and a half eggplant emojis (he usually doesn’t go higher than 5 on the Unboxed video series, so that’s about the equivalent of a “meh”).

The Fruitcake Frappuccino won’t be sold after Sunday, so make sure to head into a Starbucks and taste it for yourself.

By Constantine Spyrou

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