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Judge Rules Starbucks Can Fill Cups With As Much Ice As They Please


One of Starbucks’ recent lawsuits claimed that the massive coffee chain used too much ice in their beverages so customers would not get as much of the actual drink as they should.

The suit claimed Starbucks was committing fraud, according to GrubStreet.

Not so much, according to Judge Percy Anderson. The judge said Friday that if kids can see that throwing ice in a cup can decrease the amount of liquid served, then it stands to reason that adults will be able to do that same.

So in other words, not fraud.

Anderson also said that Starbucks’ drink cups are clear enough for customers to see the ice and the company has nowhere said drink sizes are supposed to be measured exclusively in ounces of pure liquid.

It could be argued, if ice is too much of a problem, that you can just request your barista to go easy on the cubes.

By Peter Pham

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