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Starbucks Is Testing Curbside Service For Your Lazy Ass


When Starbucks implemented mobile ordering, it made life so much easier. We just make a couple clicks on our phones, stroll into the store, skip the line, and grab our drinks.

As if that didn’t spoon feed us enough, a Starbucks location in Snoqualmie, WA, is testing curbside service, as it is a store that does not have drive-thru.

The Starbucks app is still used to take your order and make a payment, but the store gives the option to select “curbside service” as a pickup option. Once they get to the location, a barista makes their way outside and delivers the order to your car.

Starbucks told Consumerist that everyone needs to chill, because they’re not planning to expand this concept:

“This is a limited-time test occurring at only one store in Snoqualmie, WA. We do not have any plans to expand to other stores.”

While they claim it won’t spread out , like Cal Naughton said in Talladega Nights, “It’s just exciting that we’re trying things like that.”

I say just skip the curbside and just have someone deliver the coffee to me. Sure, I say that as I sit at my work desk, with a Starbucks right next door to me, but that’d be an amazing next step. I guess that’s what interns are for, though.

h/t consumerist

By Isai Rocha

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