Will Still Get Your Name Wrong: Starbucks Employee Draws Gorgeous Cup Art for Lucky Customers

Starbucks Cup

Londoner Gabriel Nkweti Lafitte goes far beyond his duties as a Starbucks barista to make his customers smile, and it all begins with a paper cup. Decorating the chain’s green and white cups is nothing new, although it rarely turns out awesome. But Lafitte is different. He’s making stunning designs for customers that blow the rest away.

Using a paper cup as his canvas, the barista creates beautifully complex drawings for a select number of customers and particularly those “special individuals who exhibit some small kindness” inside Starbucks. The designs can take up to 40 hours to complete, clearly showing his extraordinary dedication to art and his customers.

Starbucks Art

Starbucks Art

Starbucks Art

Starbucks Art

Starbucks Art






Check out even more of Lafitte’s designs on his Facebook page.

Picthx Lafitte

By Cameron Simcik

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