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Starbucks Baristas Share Their Most Hated On-Menu Drinks

Cheer up your holiday with this perennial favorite made with rich, steamed eggnog, signature espresso, and a dusting of nutmeg #EggnogLatte

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Your barista may like you a little less if you order one of the following beverages.

My new favorite “I HATE THIS” drink. from starbucks

In a recent discussion on Reddit, user slavetothesiren brought up an iced latte macchiato drink with heavy cream that they could absolutely not stand making because they felt the drink was “gross.” They then asked other baristas to reveal the drinks they hated to make for whatever reason. Nobody held back, with many baristas going hard after drinks on the Starbucks official menu for various reasons.

Coconut milk lattes and flat whites were widely disliked because of how hard it is to produce the foam for coconut milk.

Another one that’ll likely make a Starbucks barista hate you is the seasonal eggnog latte, which apparently causes such a terrible sound that may sometimes like something out of Star Wars.

Baristas also apparently aren’t too down with some of the tea drinks that are on the menu.

And of course, there’s always that one customer with the ridiculous custom order that has baristas pissed off to no end.

What’s crazy is that none of the above drinks are the extravagant creations typically found on Starbucks’ so-called “secret menu” that you’d find Starbucks baristas typically griping over. These are all normal drinks or drink modifications that are regularly on the menu that employees just find painful for whatever reason.

Definitely don’t order the above drinks if you’re trying to be friendly to the Starbucks staff. Baristas everywhere will be thanking you internally if you do.

By Constantine Spyrou

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