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Sriracha Salt Exists, Spells Endgame for Other Seasonings


We won’t lie, we think Sriracha is perfect just the way it is (so perfect, in fact, that we shot a food porn video starring Sriracha in all its natural glory) but we still never pass up the opportunity to sear our tastebuds with Sriracha in new and exciting ways. That’s where Sriracha Salt comes in.

This brilliant marriage of salty and spicy comes straight from Randy Clemens, author of the Sriracha Cookbook. He throws Sriracha in a bowl with some kosher salt, organic garlic powder, and organic cayenne pepper, mixes it all together, and then runs the whole thing through a dehydrator. The end result is a slightly spicy seasoning that pairs well with steamed or roasted veggies, baked potatoes, eggs — basically anything plain-tasting that could use a little Sriracha-infused kick to make it memorable.

sriracha salt on eggs

We can’t really think of a food that wouldn’t be improved by adding Sriracha salt, so we’re looking forward to making this and putting it on . . . everything.

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6 replies on “Sriracha Salt Exists, Spells Endgame for Other Seasonings”

My dehydrator consists of circular stacking grates. Putting salt in the dehydrator would result in most of the salt on the bottom, with about 10% sticking to the grates. That doesn’t seem like a good way to dry the salt.

i use small sheets of foil like what you would get a deli sandwich wrapped in. Make little trays that would conform within the dehydrator trays, but allow air to circulate.

Honestly, I gave up on the food dehydrator a long time ago & make larger batches in pizza trays. Stick them in the oven @ 200 for a couple hours to start the crystallization, then let them sit in the oven overnight to cool down & continue drying.
Once that is done I let the tray set until like it’s rock candy, break into chunks, then toss them into a coffee grinder I have [I hate coffee, but love how fine & even it gets peppers & such]. I then bottle it up into shaker bottles for storage & dispensing.

It is important to note that the trays cannot have any scratches or the salt solution will cling to the pan & not release without a chisel. I found $1 stores come in handy. Otherwise, if you can take the time to let it all fully air dryevaporate, lay down a foil or plastic liner and you can flex & break the salt flats out of the tray when done.

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